First Look: iFlash-Sata

First Look: iFlash-Sata

Just a brief look at my new product in my iFlash series.

While the iFlash enables the iPod to work with Compact Flash and SDXC cards, the new iFlash-Sata opens up all Sata based storage devices – mSata and externally powered Sata Hard drives and SSD drives.

The iFlash-Sata will work in the Video iPod (5g, 5.5g) and the newer Classics (6g, 6.5g, 7g).

Be warned the current crop of mSata drives are power hungry, so runtimes are not great compared to CF/SDXC – but still worth while if you must have a 1Tb iPod!

Here is some pictures of the mSata configuration.

iFlash-Sata Front

iFlash-Sata Front

iFlash-Sata side mSata

iFlash-Sata side mSata

iFlash-Sata Angled Shot

iFlash-Sata Angled Shot


233 thoughts on “First Look: iFlash-Sata

  1. Moma

    Is there any way of working around this? I don’t have any more iPods and can’t afford to buy another one! Can I switch something out of the iPod and work on it from there?

  2. Support

    @Moma – If you mean a 6th Gen 80Gb Classic then no, the 6th gen iPods are limited to 128GB by the Apple firmware – you can use 1Tb with 80GB 5.5g iPod Video models if that is the model you meant.

  3. Moma

    Hello I need help configuring a SSD that I am planning to put in an 80 GB IPod Classic. Is the 80 GB iPods logic board compatible with a 1Tb Iflash adapter?

  4. Support

    @Alex – 5g due to there high operating power consumption don’t have as much differential between HDD and SD, but still I would expect a 25% to 50% increase in runtime vs the original HDD.

    For the layperson the best test for the battery, is how does it perform out of the box, without charging? if you can get several hours runtime out of it – then that will confirm you have a battery which is fresh, has not self-discharged in to distress conditions and has good capacity.

  5. Alex

    Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

    I don’t have time to buy multiples and test, but what I will do is return this battery and order a new one from another supplier.
    Maybe I’ll have better luck with one from iFixit – or maybe they get theirs from the same suppliers as on eBay and Amazon?!

    Failing that, I’ll stick the original battery back in.

    Any idea what sort of playback time I should get with the dual SD adapter, 128GB Card and Lossless tracks? I’ve done a new test today and the replacement battery is already in the red after 6.5 hours.
    That’s worse than the original battery performs.

  6. Support

    @Alex – The reality is that the battery you bought is rubbish. Sadly majority of the iPod batteries bought on Amazon/Ebay/etc are in poor condition, the cells used are poor quality, and then the storage conditions are not ideal.

    We buy batteries all the time – 75% of them arrive not able to power the iPod because while in storage they have dropped below the cut-off/minimum voltage, most we can recover by charging – but they just do not hold charge well.

    Good example is standby time, switch the iPod off and leave alone. Most of these batteries barely last 7 days. Some of our test iPods which have the original Apple battery from 9/10/12 years ago, we can switch the iPod off – and we can still switch the iPod back on 2 months later with hardly no loss of charge!!! We have an very old 5g which we had not used in close to 8 months, and you know what it still switched on after this amount of time.

    Our method now is to buy several batteries at the same time, measure the voltage they arrive with – if near/below the cut-off voltage, we throw in the bin. Then the remaining we charge and measure the self-discharge rate with no load, and with load – the ones which hold charge best we keep to use.

  7. Alex

    The battery capacity on that iPod is higher than my 5G one, so it’s hard to do a comparison to that resource.

    I understood that using solid state storage would use less power than a hard drive with moving parts.
    Is it the case that this is offset by other factors (mentioned in the posting), such as higher start-up power consumption?

    I would expect that a new, replacement battery would provide a longer run time, because 1) its new, 2) battery technology has moved on, and 3) the power draw from my SD Card is Lower.
    How can it be that if I stick the old battery (used, 12 years old) back in, it plays for around the same time?
    That doesn’t make sense.



  8. edcruwys

    SSD = Solid State Drive, so whether SD/micro SD/mSATA etc they all have no moving parts like a mechanical HDD

  9. Alex


    Thanks for the reply.
    I’m not using an SSD though – I have the dual SD adapter, fitted with one card at the moment.
    I’m pretty sure that a brand new battery should last longer than the previous battery, which is 12 years old.
    I only just replaced the battery, so I know the runtimes for the same setup, but with the old battery.

    I’m also assuming that since battery technology has moved on in the last 12 years, that a new one should be able to supply more juice.

    Does anyone know of any benchmarks for that this iPod (5G)with the dual SD adapter?

  10. edcruwys

    This sounds about right, I don’t think your battery is faulty. mSATA is known to be more power hungry than other types of SSD. I prefer to top my ipod up frequently rather than allow it to drain down as lithium technology in general is happier that way and your battery will live longer

  11. Alex

    I have the dual SD adapter in my 5G iPod (video iPod), with a 128GB Card and recently decided to install a new battery.
    The original battery (12 years old), was still going strong, but I expected to get a big boost in run time from a replacement.

    However, the replacement, bought on Amazon, gives me something like 9 hours of playback. It’s similar to the original one.
    I think that it’s been sat on a shelf somewhere for a long time…

    Can anyone advise how long I should expect to get out of a new battery, using an SD Card, for music playback?

  12. edcruwys

    @Dan It will be the battery. I put a new battery in mune (500gig mSATA) and on shuffling I can watch the battery level drop. If you are going to swap out the battery I would advocate getting the deeper back case from Ebay and getting the larger (more powerful) battery, which is what I would do next time

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