The iFlash adapters will work with the following iPod models.

Please check your model against this list before ordering.  The model number can be found via several methods :-

  1. iTunes will display the model in the about iPod screen
  2. iPod diagnostics mode will show the model no.  (Menu + Select to Reset, then Left + Select to enter Diagnostics, iPod model can be found in SysCfg screen)
  3. Using Serial No. search on the Apple Support Website
iPod 5g About Model No
iPod 5g / Settings / About
iPod 7g About Model No.
iPod 7g / Settings / About
iPod Diagnostics Manual Test / SysCfg
iPod Diagnostics / Manual Test / SysCfg
Model DescriptionModel No.iTunes Storage Limit (see note below)
3rd GenSee this page 4th Gen Converter ~20000 Tracks
4th GenSee this page iFlash-ATA1 ~20000 Tracks
5th Gen 30GbMA002 / MA146 / PA002 / PA146 ~20000 Tracks
5th Gen 60GbMA003 / MA147 / PA003 / PA147 ~50000 Tracks
5.5th Gen 30GbMA444 / MA446 / PA444 / PA446 / MA664 ~20000 Tracks
5.5th Gen 80GbMA448 / MA450 / PA448 / PA450 ~50000 Tracks
6th Gen 80GbMB029 / MB147 / PB029 128Gb / ~50000 Tracks
6th Gen 160GbMB145 / MB150 / PB145 / PB150 128Gb / ~50000 Tracks / Requires Ribbon
6.5th Gen 120GbMB565 / PB565 / MB562 / PB562 128Gb / ~50000 Tracks
7th Gen 160GbPC297 / MC297 / PC293 / MC293 ~50000 Tracks

Important Notes

The track limit’s shown are only approximate, the actual limit will depend on your iTunes library and the amount of meta-data stored within (e.g. artist name, track name, genre, comments, album art, etc, etc).

The track limits are a function of the iTunes database size and the memory (RAM) on the iPod motherboard, it is not a limitation of the iFlash adapters.

Feedback from users, the limit range for the 30Gb model iPods can be anywhere from 10000 tracks to 30000 tracks.

Reports for other (60Gb/80Gb/160Gb) iPods limits can range from 30000 tracks to 60000 tracks.

The 6th Gen models (80Gb/120Gb/Thick 160Gb) are limited to LBA28 addressing by Apple, so these models will only show and use up to 128Gb of the storage installed – The other iPod models have LBA48 addressing so do not have this limitation.

This LBA28 Limitation can be removed by replacing the iPod operating system with an 3rd party OS. Please note we DO NOT support these types of installations – the iFlash boards are designed and only tested to work with the original Apple iPod OS and iTunes / Apple iPod Music software.

The 6th Gen 160Gb (Thick) model will require a replacement HDD Ribbon as the original hard drive uses an CE-ATA interface, replacement Ribbons can be purchased here.