3rd party extended Battery guide

3rd party extended Battery guide

We have put this guide together to help people who opt to use 3rd party high capacity batteries that can be found on various online marketplaces.

List shows compatibility in terms of fit and what depth case back is required (thick or thin) to achieve correct fitting.

Please note: This article is NOT a recommendation for these batteries, there seems to be a very high level of variation in the quality, capacity ratings (actual & advertised) and more importantly we have seen different size batteries supplied for the same advertised product!!

So you have been warned – this article is for information only and the said information is provided with no warranty or promise of accuracy. Your results may not reflect our findings!

There are couple of more batteries I have seen, and once I have managed to obtain some samples this guide will be updated!

Fitting Guide (see numbered notes below)

Battery sold as: iFlash-Quad iFlash-Dual iFlash-Solo iFlash-Sata iFlash-CF
1800mAh (5) Thick back Thick back Thick back Thick back Thick back
 2000mAh Thin back Thick back Thick back (2) Thick back Thick back
 1900mAh Thin back (1) Thick back Thick back (2) Thick back Thick back
 3000mAh (3) Thick back Thick back Thick back Thick back Thick back

Battery Specifications (for samples we obtained)

Battery Image Size (mm) + volume Observations / Notes
OEM Battery 550mAh (Thin) OEM Battery 550mAh 20 x 45 x 6 (5.4cm³)
Weight: 12g
Original battery used in thin iPods (e.g. 30Gb/120Gb/160Gb), marked as 2.04W/hr = ~550mAh
1800mAh Battery 1800mAh 46 x 53 x 5.3 (12.9cm³)
Weight: 32g
Marked as 6.8Whr 3.8v on cell (which is 1790mAh), but actual capacity is probably nearer 1600mAh (4)
2000mAh Battery 2000mAh 46 x 90 x 4  (16.5cm³)
Weight: 37g
Capacity based on volume estimated at 1700mAh (4)
1900mAh Battery 1900mAh 54 x 80 x 3.8 (16.4cm³)
Weight: 35g
Capacity based on volume estimated at 1700mAh (4)
3000mAh Battery 3000mAh 57 x 83 x 3.6 (17.0cm³)
Weight: 39g
Capacity based on volume estimated at 1800mAh (4)


Remove frame protusion for 1900mAh battery

Remove frame protusion for 1900mAh battery

(1) When fitting with a thin caseback the protusion on the iPod’s inner frame needs to be removed (as pictured).

(2) We have had some samples of these batteries which actually fitted (read: tight squeeze) in a thin (5g) caseback & the iFlash-Solo.

(3) This battery is larger than the iPod’s inner frame, it will ALWAYS require a thick caseback. This battery can be awkward to fit as it interferes with the headphone jack assembly, you may need to lift the headphone ribbon away from the rear case to allow the battery to slide under the headphone jack assembly.

(4) This is based on current energy density of li-ion based battery cells, it is a very approximate (gu)estimate as the volume measurement is based on external size of the battery pack and not the actual cell size. Other factors which may effect the accuracy is the method and quality of the cell construction and wrapping. However, it is a great method to see relative capacity claims when comparing by volume of the battery cell, of course the chemistry of the batteries need to be the same.

(5) We have seen this battery sold as 1800mAh and as 1600mAh, all examples we have seen have been a similiar size. At 5.3mm thick this battery will always require a thick caseback, and will not fit with the original HDD.

**article republished 24/02/17 – to add 1800mAh battery, and oem battery
**article original publish date was 15/06/2016

69 thoughts on “3rd party extended Battery guide

  1. Tobias

    @Matt I just upgraded my thin iPod 5th gen with Tarkan iflash quad adapter and a 3000mah battery. This one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/High-Capacity-3000mAh-Upgraded-SSD-Battery-for-iPod-Classic-6-7-Video-5-5-5-THIN/183771235204
    It worked even though the ebay item description says you need a thin ipod with a thick back cover. I had to install it under the iflash adapter for the battery cable to reach the connector. Almost broke the cable before I figured that out.

  2. Wojciech

    I just ordered Iflash-Quad for my 7th generation of iPod Classic (late 2009 – so I guess it’t thin version).
    Now I am reading this post about batteries and I am wondering will 2000mAh battery fit to my iPod without changing back to thick. I can’t find any information tellnng me with which iPod you were testing (only the one saying that 2000 should fit into thin one (all thin ones?))
    Thanks for such a good job with your site!

  3. Lauren Glenn

    As a follow-up on the iFlash Quad….. I’ve been using the iFlash Quad and the 3000mAh battery in a thin backing. No issues so far. I’ve left it charging for 2 days while it synchronized my full collection. No issues there. As with all new batteries, I never leave them alone unattended the first few weeks in case they do catch fire…. but from what I’m seeing, it fits with no issues in a thin backing with the iFlash Quad

  4. Johnny

    That is absolutely correct! It’s so exciting to have all your music at your finger tips, I have a 1 tb 7th gen iPod classic w the Evo minisata dadapter and drive. Works like a charm and I also added the extended battery pack.
    If you need help or anyone for that matter opening the case or otherwise doing the upgrade I’m in the LA area and can help with any upgrade for a small fee. Best of luck!

  5. Lance Priez

    I just upgraded my Model A1238 160gb iPod 7th generation due to original battery failure. Bought the iFlash Quad and 2 Sandisk 256gb Micro SDXC Cards. Upgrade worked like a charm. Reformatted the SDXC cards per iFlash instructions. So, I am going to get greedy and attempt either a 1900mAh or 3000mAh battery upgrade. Just bought a “thick” rear back housing on eBay along with a “thick” headphone jack & hold switch cable assembly. I am expecting everything to fit quite nicely. The only difficult task was removing the iPod rear case. You need the iFlash flat metal tool and a number of thin objects like guitar picks to hold all the tabs open around the perimeter of the case, and a lot of patience. 512gb of music with 200-300 hours of Battery life … Amazing. And I still have slots 3&4 available for even more capacity. FYI, I use this iPod in my car connected via USB to the built in sound system. Entire music library will now be available while on the road. This could NOT be done without the iFlash adapter. Thanks iFlash!!

  6. trashcanpatrol

    Does anyone have a reputable link to a legit battery upgrade for thin-backed 7th generation iPods using iFlash-Quad?
    I read there was a problem with a lot of fake/knockoff batteries floating around on eBay… just want to find one that gives more uptime and will fit the thin 7th generation 🙂

  7. Matt

    Want to upgrade my 30gb 5th gen iPod with a 3000Mah battery, was wondering if the original 30gb back would be large enough or if I should go with an 80gb back?

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