iPOD and SDHC – SDXC cards

iPOD and SDHC – SDXC cards


For some time many people have wanted to use my iFlash iPod CF adapter with the new generation of large format SD memory cards. SDHC and SDXC are the new generation of SD cards which are cheaper and have capacities of upto 256Gb and growing.

SDXC 7g and 256Gb PNY

SDXC Installation


7g 256Gb About Screen

7g and 256Gb PNY

Installation is simple, the iFlash is first installed – then install the SD card in to your SD-CF Adapter – finally insert the whole thing in to the iFlash, ready to restore the iPod.

SDHC and SDXC which cards to get

So far all the SDHC and SDXC cards I tested worked ok, so it is looking likely that majority of the SD cards out there will work ok.

In terms of card speed, one user has reported issues playing FLACS with a Class 4 card. I would suggest you want a minimum of a Class 6 card with Class 10 the prefered option.

So far… working and tested in 5g / 6g / 7g iPods

iPod 5g with 256Gb PNY

iPod 5g with 256Gb PNY

The current compatibility list has been moved to the iFlash-Solo product page.


369 thoughts on “iPOD and SDHC – SDXC cards

  1. Olly

    Hi,long shot but I’m hoping somebody might have had a similar issue. I have 2 different ipods, both with sd card adapters. SD cards read and work fine separately, they’re recognised when plugged into the ipod and I can start a sync. But every single time I start a sync I get a ‘The IO operation at logical block address 0x3aa1 for Disk 5 (PDO name: \Device\000000a9) was retried.’ error in windows event viewer, itunes locks up and the sync stops. Eventually I have to force quit itunes, this corrupts the disk and then I have to reformat the drive until it’s recognised again. I cannot for the life of my figure out why. The disk shows no bad sectors, dskchk returns nothing and h2testw came back with nothing. I’m running out of ideas so any help would be appreciated.

  2. Zedhed

    Anyone know if it’s possible to convert a 2nd gen iPod (Firewire-only models) to SDXC or CF card? My Googling so far is telling me “No”.

  3. Support Post author

    For the last few weeks we have been testing the Integral 512GB MicroSD and the Sandisk new A2 class 400GB card – which have all been working great. The Integral was(is?) the cheapest 512GB MicroSD I could find in the UK.

  4. Lauren Glenn

    As an FYI for anyone interested….

    if you buy a 3000mAh battery from eBay sellers in China, these are legit and work GREAT.

    BUT, if you use an iFlash Quad (or probably any other board here that uses micro SD cards), you can fit the 3000mAh battery and the iFlash Quad in the thin backing of the iPod. No need for a thick backing which all sellers say you need.

    That only seems to be true if you’re using the hard drive. The iFlash Quad is so thin, you can have the iFlash Quad and the 3000mAh battery in the thin profile and then all the cases you buy on eBay and such will fit just fine.

    I figured this may be obvious but in case anyone is interested…..

  5. Peter Mayhew

    I have recently tried some MyMemory ‘own make’ 512gb sdxc cards in a 7th Generation classic and although not the fastest card on the market they have worked well in the iPod. The card has recently been selling at £69.99 until they offered 10% off but put the cards back up to £74.99 though the 10% off dropped the price back to £67.49 so if you want large amounts of memory at a reasonable price this could be the way to go. (they have a lifetime guarantee which I have had to test with an non-formatting 128GB card and it was replaced without any bother) I used an iFlash quad with 3 x 512gb + 1 x 256gb and got just over 1.6tb which gives me all my iTunes library in lossless form on one iPod. When funds allow I will try 4 x My Memory 512gb cards which should give me 1860gb to play with. This is using the figures 0f 930gb from a Samsung 1tb SSD, don’t start me on how you can use 70gb to control the card.

  6. Lauren Glenn

    I concur with Craig. I put in the 512GB Samsung EVO from Amazon (official Amazon seller….) I put it in the unit and it recognized it as expected. I’m not sure if we can go much higher than 2TB due to FAT32 limitations with MBR, but when I get more money, I can go up to 2TB. If you wanted a MicroSD card for your iFlash Quad and can afford the 512GB card for $99 at Amazon, go for it. It will work in the Quad.

  7. Craig

    I took the risk to try the Samsung 512gb micro SD cards with the iflash quad adapter. They work running stock firmware and 3000mAh battery. So far after a few hours of use all is well, and showing 1907gb available on the about page. But I think the actual storage was in the mid 1850gb range.

  8. minims

    I am also wondering about the Kingston Canvas select cards. Spec-wise they seem on par with Samsungs offerings, but quite a bit cheaper.

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