Beta Requests

Thank you for your interest in my latest beta program.

The current program requirements are –

existing iFlash bundle users who are based in EU / UK / USA / Canada / Japan.

own at least 2 different models of the listed type :- 5g, 5.5g (ideally 60Gb/80Gb versions), and 7g (late 2009) 160Gb

several SDXC cards of the following capacities (64Gb, 128Gb, 256Gb, 512Gb)

large varied music library consisting of lossless and compressed files

willing to spend many hours restoring and syncing the iPod, then doing it again!!

Please submit the form below.

There are only a few places available and I will not be able to respond to everyone – so please do not feel disappointed if you do not hear from me.

Disclaimer – Beta testing has the possibility to cause damage to your equipment, so testing is at your risk – you are responsible for any losses or damages incurred. Testing is to be taken at your own sole responsibility.

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    PC or MAC - 32Bit/64bit iTunes version used