Shipping Issues

Last updated 14th February 2023

Postal service has resumed shipping to most countries, there is some delays to certain countries, but so far these delays have not been very long.


Last updated 5th February 2023

Postal service is now accepting shipments for most countries, however packages may have shipment transit times longer then normal.

So far things seem to be moving ok, but it is still not clear what the delays will be and how long any delays will be, we are monitoring the tracking information and if we have any further information about particular orders we will do our best to inform.


Last updated 26th January 2023

Our postal service (Royal Mail) is beginning to recover from the outage over two weeks ago.

We expect to resume shipping to Mexico, Switzerland, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan and Canada from the 1st February.

Also packages sent on the 9th and 11th January are being processed and should arrive within the expected transits times stated on your order. With some orders already delivered.


Last updated 18th January 2023

Our postal service (Royal Mail) has still not recovered from the cyber incident last week.

We have made other arrangements and found other carriers to handle our shipments to many countries.

Sadly there are a few countries like Mexico, Switzerland, New Zealand, South Korea and Canada where we are not able to dispatch to currently.

Our team is working hard to find solutions for these countries.

Thank you for your understanding..


Last updated 13th January 2023

Our postal service (Royal Mail) is suffering from a cyber incident causing them to suspend International Shipments.

They are requesting us to delay shipping international packages until the situation has been resolved.

We will resume international shipments in the next couple of days (hopefully….).

Domestic (UK) Services are operating as normal.

FedEx is operating and dispatching as normal.