4G Ribbon

4G Ribbon


4G Ribbon Replacement
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4G Ribbon

Replacement Hard Drive flex 4G iPods


4G Ribbon as folded

4G Ribbon Side

4G Ribbon Installed

This product replaces the old and aging Apple 4G (632-0259) Flex Ribbon and allows the direct install of our iFlash boards in the 4th Gen iPod Photo models.


  • Designed and made by iFlash.xyz
  • Meets exact specifications for the ZIF connectors used in the iPod
  • Gold plated contacts
  • Flexible construction to reduce chances of cracking
  • Reduced stress on the iPod motherboard ZIF connector
  • Superior replacement for the original OEM HDD Ribbon
  • For use with 4G iPods and iFlash boards only


  • Only fits 4G iPods which use the 632-0259 Ribbon ( also marked as 632-0259-A )
  • These are generally the iPod Classic 4th Gen Photo¬† 20 40 60 GB
Apple 632-0259 Ribbon Flex

632-0259 Ribbon Flex


  • We suggest opening iPod and confirming your iPod uses the 632-0259-A Ribbon before ordering