1Tb 7g iPod Classic – Restore & Sync Video

1Tb 7g iPod Classic – Restore & Sync Video

Posted a new video – demonstrating the complete restore and sync of a 1Tb 7.5g iPod Classic.

I have done this many many times now with zero problems, so I thought this time I would make a video.

Syncing is done using iTunes 11, importantly I used the Apple Dual Firewire/USB Docking Lead, and the Apple 12V Firewire charger.

The firewire can supply enough power to the iPod while syncing that you do not have to worry about Power Loss Corruption issues which can occur while syncing mSata drive based iPods. The iPod USB Charge circuit cannot supply enough power to the mSata during syncing to stop the battery drain issues.


  • iPod Classic (7.5g 160Gb Model PC297LL)
  • iFlash-Sata
  • Samsung 840EVO 1Tb mSata
  • Apple 12V Firewire Charger
  • Apple Dual Firewire/USB Docking Lead


Tracks Sync’d:  49995 Tracks

Data Sync’d:   907Gb Transfered

Time Taken: Restore to Sync to Eject  approx. 11 hours


Click on video settings to select the 1080p HD version.

167 thoughts on “1Tb 7g iPod Classic – Restore & Sync Video

  1. Support Post author

    @Mark – That sounds like the SD card has failed, quite common with them SDA Kingston models (Especially on the 256GB version). Only thing that can be done is to RMA with Kingston.

  2. Mark

    @Mark from Mark. I have solved my problem. The iPod and iFlash Dual are working correctly. The problem was that one of the two 512GB SDXC chips was failing which resulted in the iPod reporting only 8MB of storage. I tried the chips separately and was able to use AOMEI reformat the working chip. The iPod is now synchronizing as a 512GB unit without problems. I will have to inquire about someone being able to reformat the failed chip which AOMEI cannot do.

  3. John

    Don’t know if this will help but I ended up formatting my SSD before I installed it my iPod. I used Partition Guru to do the format

  4. Mark

    I have encountered a program I cannot solve. I installed 2 Kingston 512GB SDXC chips in to a iFlash Dual with now is in a MC297LL ipod. I know this can work as I have done it successfully before. However, the “Use iTunes to Restore” screen changes to white when I connect the USB. The White screen has a small cross symbol and it goes to not disconnect. After a while, if I do disconnect, it says OK to disconnect. It will not stay in Disk Mode. I cannot format the Chips.

  5. Chris

    Hello, I got a 850 evo 1tb. Windows will only allow exfat formatting. Will this be okay? Also does the allocation file size option need to be anything specific and does it need a partition or anything?


  6. Support Post author

    @Michael – We have not tested any 256GB MicroSD cards as yet, once we have we can start adding them to our compatibility lists. The largest combination known to work on the iFlash-Quad is 4x 200GB (800GB combined capacity).

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