iFlash iPod CF Adapter
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CF (Compact Flash) Adapter for the iPod

For those seeking solid state storage capabilities for their iPod, the iFlash-CF allows you to install and use CF Compact Flash Cards.

With much lower power consumption than the original Hard drive, longer runtimes and quicker user interface.

Simple plug & play installation – iPod works as before just much better !

iFlash-CF Top View

iFlash-CF ZIF View

iFlash-CF Angle View


  • Thin profile – only 5mm thick with the CF card installed
  • DDK Zif Connector – Gold plated and perfectly matches the Apple HDD Ribbon
  • UDMA – Fully compatible with the latest UDMA Spec CF Cards


IMPORTANT: Read iFlash Compatibility Chart for iPod model specific limitations

  • iPod 5g Video 30Gb, 60Gb
  • iPod 5.5g Video 30Gb, 80Gb
  • iPod 6g Classic 80Gb, 120Gb, 160Gb *Limited to 128Gb
  • iPod 7g Classic 160Gb (late 2009)
  • For fitting in to 4g iPods you will require an iFlash converter


Installation Guide (click on images for detailed instructions)

CF Cards

User Reported working CF cards (updated: 4th December 2016)
Note: Manufacturers can and do change the internal circuitry of cards which may effect compatibility, especially of older CF card models.

  • 7dayshop 300x 32Gb
  • A-Data Speedy 8Gb
  • A-Data Speedy 16Gb (some reports of filesystem problems, could be card specific)
  • A-Data Speedy 32Gb
  • A-Data Speedy 533x 32Gb (new) (reported ok on 6th gen Classic and up)
  • Apacer Photo Steno III 133x 16Gb
  • AXTREMEX UDMA 600x 128Gb
  • CnMemory 80x First Class Gold 32GB (5g reported ok)
  • CnMemory 300x Ultra High Speed Edition 32GB
  • Dolgix 133x 32Gb
  • Dolgix 133x 64Gb
  • Dolgix Blaze6C 600x 128GB (not working on 5.5g)
  • Duracell 133x 32Gb (Dane-Elec)
  • Duracell ProPhoto 32gb 300x UDMA (DU-CF30-32G-C)
  • ExtreMEmory Performance 16Gb
  • Hirsch x64 16Gb
  • Integral Ultima Pro UDMA6 300x 64Gb (reported ok on 5g)
  • Integral Ultima Pro UDMA6 128Gb (reported ok on 5g/5.5g)
  • Kingston Elite Pro 133x 8Gb
  • Kingston Elite Pro 133x 16Gb
  • Kingston Elite Pro 133x 32Gb
  • Kingston Elite Pro S2 32Gb
  • Kingston Ultimate 266x 16Gb (not working 5g and 5.5g)
  • Kingston Ultimate 266x 32Gb (all including 6g up)
  • Kingston Ultimate 266x 64GB
  • Komputerbay Professional High Speed 266x 32Gb (all gens)
  • Komputerbay Professional Extreme Speed UDMA6 (90Mb/s) 600x 64Gb (possible issues on 5g/5.5g)
  • Komputerbay Professional Extreme Speed UDMA6 (90Mb/s) 600x 128Gb (possible issues on 5g/5.5g)
  • Komputerbay Professional Extreme Speed UDMA7 (150Mb/s) 1000x 32Gb (format Fat32 for 5g/5.5g)
  • Lexar Platinum II 80x 4Gb
  • Lexar Platinum II 80x 8Gb
  • Lexar Platinum II 200x 16Gb
  • Lexar Professional 300x 8gb
  • Lexar Professional 400x 128Gb (UDMA7 not working on 5.5g)
  • Lexar Professional 600x 128Gb (UDMA7 not working on 5.5g)
  • Lexar Professional 800x 128gb (UDMA7 not working on 5.5g, 128Gb limit on 7.5g)
  • Lexar Professional 400x 256gb
  • MemoryStar Professional 400x 32Gb
  • Mustang Interlagos 32Gb 633x
  • NOS Ultimate NOS 300x 128Gb (35Mb/s) (Ok on 5.5g)
  • Patriot Signature 8Gb 266x (PSF8G266CF)
  • Patriot Signature 64Gb 266x
  • Peak Technology 16Gb
  • Photofast 533X 64Gb
  • Pretec 233x 32Gb
  • Pretec 233x 64Gb (Reported 6th gen and up)
  • Samsung OEM 150x (ebay) 16Gb
  • Samsung OEM 150x (ebay) 32Gb
  • Sandisk Ultra 50Mb/s UDMA 333x 32Gb
  • Sandisk Ultra II (all capacities)
  • Sandisk Extreme 60Mb/s UDMA 400x 32Gb
  • Sandisk Extreme III (all capacities) (excludes new 30Mb/s 2008 models)
  • SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB (90Mb/s)
  • Silicon Power 32GB CF200X
  • Silicon Power 64Gb 400x
  • TakeMS Hyperspeed 120x 16Gb
  • TakeMS Hyperspeed 120x 32Gb
  • Topram (Ebay and Amazon) 32Gb (Possible problems with 6g Classics)
  • Transcend 133x 8Gb
  • Transcend 133x 16Gb (Restore Loop problem for cards purchased since Feb 2009)
  • Transcend 133x 32Gb (Restore Loop problem for cards purchased since Feb 2009)
  • Transcend 400x 32Gb (TS32GCF400) (newer cards have restore loop issues 5g/5.5g)
  • Transcend 400x 64Gb (TS32GCF400) (newer cards have restore loop issues 5g/5.5g)
  • Transcend 800x 256Gb (Working ok in 5g, 6g/7g reports as 127Gb works ok otherwise)
  • WINTEC Filemate Professional 400x 8Gb (3FMCF8GBS-R)
  • WINTEC FileMate Professional 400x 32GB
  • WINTEC FileMate Professional 600x 64GB
  • Vaultor Speed Genius 800x UDMA7 128Gb

Reported NOT to work

  • Apacer 133x 32gb
  • Hama 2Gb
  • PQI 32Gb
  • Ridata Lighting Series 233x 16Gb
  • Ridata Lighting Series 233x 32Gb
  • Samsung OEM 280x (ebay) 4Gb
  • Samsung OEM 280x (ebay) 8Gb
  • Samsung OEM 280x (ebay) 16Gb
  • Sandisk Extreme III 8Gb (30Mb/s 2008 version)
  • Sandisk Extreme III 16GB (30Mb/s 2008 version)
  • Silicon Systems ssd-c64mi-3012 64gb
  • Topram (ebay) 16Gb