iFlash-Sata v10

iFlash-Sata v10


iFlash-SATA v10 (M.2 SATA) Adapter
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iFlash-Sata v10

M.2 SATA Adapter for the iPod

For those seeking maximum storage capabilities for their iPod, the iFlash-Sata v10 allows you to install and use the latest and largest M.2 SATA based storage devices.

While power consumption is higher than SDXC, on a price per Gb, it is the only way to achieve affordable 256Gb to 1Tb iPod.

iFlash-Sata v10 Front

iFlash-Sata v10 Zif View

iFlash-Sata v10 Zif View

iFlash-Sata v10 Angle View

iFlash-Sata v10 Angle View


  • Thin profile – only 3.6mm thick with the M.2 SATA drive installed
  • Ultra low jitter Japanese made clock module – reduce errors and noise on the Sata bus
  • Pi Filter – stop induced noise from the mSata affecting sound quality
  • DDK Zif Connector – Gold plated and perfectly matches the Apple HDD Ribbon
  • Thermal Design – Ensures the both sides of M.2 drive stays cool


The iFlash-Sata v10 has been designed to accept M.2 SATA 2242 style drives.

The drive used must offer a SATA III interface, it must have a size of 2242 ( 22m wide by 42mm long).

M.2 Key Types

M.2 Key Types

M.2 NVME or PCIE drives will not fit and will not work.

iPod Compatibility

IMPORTANT: Read iFlash Compatibility Chart for iPod model specific limitations

  • iPod 5g Video 30Gb, 60Gb
  • iPod 5.5g Video 30Gb, 80Gb
  • iPod 6g Classic 80Gb, 120Gb, 160Gb *Limit of 128Gb with mSata
  • iPod 7g Classic 160Gb (late 2009)


Installation Guide (click on images for detailed instructions)

M.2 Drives

User Reported working M.2 SATA drives (updated: 31st March 2021)

  • Dogfish M.2 – 256GB
  • KingShark M.2 – 250GB
  • Transcend MTS430S – 256GB
  • Transcend MTS430S – 512GB