First Look: iFlash-Sata

First Look: iFlash-Sata

Just a brief look at my new product in my iFlash series.

While the iFlash enables the iPod to work with Compact Flash and SDXC cards, the new iFlash-Sata opens up all Sata based storage devices – mSata and externally powered Sata Hard drives and SSD drives.

The iFlash-Sata will work in the Video iPod (5g, 5.5g) and the newer Classics (6g, 6.5g, 7g).

Be warned the current crop of mSata drives are power hungry, so runtimes are not great compared to CF/SDXC – but still worth while if you must have a 1Tb iPod!

Here is some pictures of the mSata configuration.

iFlash-Sata Front

iFlash-Sata Front

iFlash-Sata side mSata

iFlash-Sata side mSata

iFlash-Sata Angled Shot

iFlash-Sata Angled Shot


231 thoughts on “First Look: iFlash-Sata

  1. Moma

    Disregard the last post so inoder to partition the disk I need to format it first right? It doesn’t allow me to shrink the disk. It only allows me to format it. Is this a good idea?

  2. Moma

    I have another question the video doesn’t really show how to partition the Drive. I already know how to intsall Rockbox the only problem is I don’t know how to partition the drive.

  3. Moma

    Hello I have installed Rockbox on my Ipod problem is it only read 124 gb. Did I do anything wrong during the installment? It still reads the limited space that itunes had originally.

  4. Moma

    Hello I have installed Rockbox to my Ipod classic the problem is my Ipod only reads 120gb and I installed the 1TB SSD is there something that I did wrong?

  5. Support

    Pleased to report the new Samsung 860EVO mSata drives, 500GB and 1TB have been tested and fully working with the iFlash-Sata (v7 or newer).

    While power consumption seems similiar to the 850EVO, it has a revised power loss mode – which (in our testing) means you should not see the red X when the iPod suffers battery or power loss issues.

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