First Look: iFlash-Sata

First Look: iFlash-Sata

Just a brief look at my new product in my iFlash series.

While the iFlash enables the iPod to work with Compact Flash and SDXC cards, the new iFlash-Sata opens up all Sata based storage devices – mSata and externally powered Sata Hard drives and SSD drives.

The iFlash-Sata will work in the Video iPod (5g, 5.5g) and the newer Classics (6g, 6.5g, 7g).

Be warned the current crop of mSata drives are power hungry, so runtimes are not great compared to CF/SDXC – but still worth while if you must have a 1Tb iPod!

Here is some pictures of the mSata configuration.

iFlash-Sata Front

iFlash-Sata Front

iFlash-Sata side mSata

iFlash-Sata side mSata

iFlash-Sata Angled Shot

iFlash-Sata Angled Shot


194 thoughts on “First Look: iFlash-Sata

  1. edcruwys

    @Support….I think reducing size of playlist and killing video files on my 7th gen ipod has resoved the issue and it now shuffles again

  2. Support Post author

    @ModemJunki – I had a quick look at the full changelog and cannot see any commits made to address issues with solid state drives. So it might be worth trying but keep a copy of your old .rockbox folder/installation as it might not work.

  3. ModemJunki

    Hello. Rockbox 3.14 is out – has anyone tried it with the iFlash-Sata? I had to use an modified build when I first set mine up in 2015, but I don’t find if it can just be used with latest Rockbox or if I have to wait for someone to modify Rockbox to work with mSATA adapters.

  4. edcruwys

    Thanks for responding. My pod is a 7th gen (was a 160gig).

    I did a lot of research on these forums and elsewhere before upgrading and I should be able to max at 50k files on this unit. To be fair I woild only install a 256gig if I had to do this all again.

    Since my question I have removed a bunch of videos, so of which were 250gig or thereabouts in size and I have killed ane playlist which was holding about 1700 mixed reggae tunes and I may have resolved it but need to work with it a bit longer to see how long it lasts. I think limiting any playlist to around 50 – 60 songs seems to be the way forward. I have 3 classic ipods and an iphone but none of the others are anywhere near this beast for storage. I’ll keep you posted.

  5. Support Post author

    @Edcruwys – Which iPod model do you have? If it is an Video model (5g/5.5g) they can only handle playlists which are below ~32K, anything larger can crash them. This does not mean your are at the library limits if the iPod is otherwise working ok.

  6. edcruwys

    I have the adapter and a Samsung 500g mSATA drive installed in my ipod At 42k files and with 170gig space still remaining my ipod has started crashing on shuffle (my prefered use). Am I doomed to not realising my pod’s full potential? Do I have to remove music until it is happy or will RockBox get aroumnd this issue? I know the ipods firmware has a cap of 50k files but at 42k I am some way off that.
    Many thanks

  7. Nicoven

    Hi, so I managed to get my iPod into the “Low Battery Sad Face” state and I’ve read that I’m supposed to put the mSata into a Sata enclosure to get it out of the Low Power mode but I have some questions regarding that. First of all which enclosure should I be using? I only have an HP 15 laptop so I was wondering if I had to take it apart and connect the enclosure internally or if I could use an outside connection like USB.
    My second question is what should I do with the mSata once I have it in the Sata enclosure and connected to the laptop?
    Thanks for your amazing product!

  8. Support Post author

    @Ryan – If the mSata drive has been used before, it might require formatting – with your issue, check the battery is fully charged and check your HDD ribbon. There could be an issue with the iPod communicating with the drive.

  9. Ryan

    Do you have to format the Msata drive before installing it into the Ipod? I am using a Samsung PM851 – 512Gb Msata drive and it gives me the “Use Itunes To Restore” Screen. I plug into my computer and Itunes and my computer don’t recognize it at all. The Ipod says “OK To Disconnect” when plugged in. I normally use the Iflash SD Card one and that one is just plug and play. Do I have to do anything to get it to recognize?

  10. Andrea

    Thank you Tarkan, installing the mSata drive with a Sata-mSata adapter did the trick, the partition table was a mess: it had 4 primary partitions, one logical partition and a bunch of unallocated space between them, the result of all my attempts with the USB enclosure, I suppose. Now I know the reason of the sad iPod face. With GParted I deleted all these partitions, created a single primary FAT32 partition and now I’m ready to transfer all my music.
    Just a couple of questions: I’m afraid that when I received the iFlash-Sata two years ago the thermal gap filler was missing, can you tell me where I can get a similar material?
    And as for the battery, I’m still using the original one that came with the iPod so it’s almost ten years old. I’m trying to find a good replacement but all my searches result in 800 or 900 mAh batteries which are unsatisfactory. Can you tell me where I can get much more powerful batteries?
    Thanks again for your support


  11. Support Post author

    @Andrea – USB Enclosures cannot clear the Power Loss Mode, in fact they will constantly put the mSata in to that mode – the best and easiest solution is an mSata – Sata enclosure.

  12. Andrea

    Hi Tarkan,
    I’ve been using for a couple of years your iFlash-Sata adapter along with a Samsung EVO840 500GB msata drive in my 5.5 iPod video without any issues. Unfortunately, recently while listening to music and thinking that the battery was recharging (but it wasn’t) I completely drained it and so I came across the sad iPod face issue without any solutions.
    I installed the original HD and completely recharged the battery, but after reinstalling the msata drive, I cannot enter disk mode, nor DFU mode. The drive works flawlessly in an USB enclosure, I completely erased the partitions with AOMEI, recreated MBR, created the FAT32 partition, but nothing: the sad iPod face keeps showing up.
    I even tried without partitioning and formatting, even formatting with HFS+ without succeeding.
    The drive operates well in the USB enclosure but not inside the iPod, and the original drive works well too.
    I tried all the suggestions found here and on the web but unsuccessfully.
    What else could I try to fix this issue which is driving me crazy?
    I’m considering to order the iFlash-Quad with quality SD cards, but I’m a little bit reluctant since I’m not sure that it would work.
    Thank you in advance

  13. mikey

    Whats the best battery for the 5th gen 30gb ???? at the moment I have a new 650mAh but it lasts 20-30 mins , might be fauklty one though
    anyone else experienced this ?

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