First Look: iFlash-Sata

First Look: iFlash-Sata

Just a brief look at my new product in my iFlash series.

While the iFlash enables the iPod to work with Compact Flash and SDXC cards, the new iFlash-Sata opens up all Sata based storage devices – mSata and externally powered Sata Hard drives and SSD drives.

The iFlash-Sata will work in the Video iPod (5g, 5.5g) and the newer Classics (6g, 6.5g, 7g).

Be warned the current crop of mSata drives are power hungry, so runtimes are not great compared to CF/SDXC – but still worth while if you must have a 1Tb iPod!

Here is some pictures of the mSata configuration.

iFlash-Sata Front

iFlash-Sata Front

iFlash-Sata side mSata

iFlash-Sata side mSata

iFlash-Sata Angled Shot

iFlash-Sata Angled Shot


231 thoughts on “First Look: iFlash-Sata

  1. Shane

    PS: That should’ve said MX200, not M200.
    When it comes to reads, are SDXC cards A LOT better than mSATA SSDs? How durable are SDXC cards to writes? Would filling say a 256GB SDXC in one go damage them as such? I was always under the impression that SD cards didn’t take extensive writes very well?

  2. Shane

    Has anyone had any experience with the Crucial M200 mSATA drives? I’m now at the stage where getting new music onto my iPod Classic 6G 160GB is just an annoyance of trying to figure out what I can lose in order to get some more on it. I think a 250GB will do me for now, but just wondered if anyone has used that SSD with any success.

  3. Tarkan Post author

    The slowdown you mention sounds to me like when the battery power starts getting flakey – so this the same iPod using the battery as before!! Very strange, well I am glad it is working now, something to remember in the fault finding advice arsenal I suppose.

  4. Al ward

    Not sure, but I have synced the iPod several times now and it works like a charm . iTunes writes to the drive at normal speed , before it would start syncing normal get to a point not always the same, around 2000 songs and then it would slow down to about a song every 5 min then iTunes would go unresponsive and then after 10-15 min give me the message that it could not write to the iPod and when I eject I would get red x . I have 6 iPods wanting to do a 1tb but because of cost wanted to get bugs out with the 500. I have 1 of you flash drives with a 128gb transcend card, it works great. Maybe when my drive failed before due to power loss it corrupted the iTunes program.

  5. Tarkan Post author

    @Alan – that is very interesting. Not sure why re-installing iTunes would fix it, was it possible the iPod USB drivers were in a bad state, which the install fixed?

  6. alan ward

    Finally got 500gb msata ipod to sync. I had to uninstall my iTunes and reinstall then restore again and everything worked perfect, iTunes must have been corrupted. everything appears to work normal now. I did not have trouble before uninstalling with a Toshiba 240 hdd guess its something to do with the msata to flash . Gonna celebrate now and baby this bad boy from now on.

  7. alan ward

    no problem copying straight to drive . loaded 14000 songs rather quickly. drive stayed around 50-60c during transfer. loaded drive back into ipod left ipod open so could monitor temp. Synced 500 songs fine. next 500 it made it to 420 songs then bogged down syncing about 1 song every 5 min. drive running 40-50c , this is what has happened every time I sync it will eventually cause iTunes to stop responding.

  8. rubeN

    Try testing the SSD with the mSATA to SATA adapter on your computer to see if it locks up. Could be the SSD where the problem is.

  9. alan ward

    Finally got adaptor to restore my 500 gb evo drive. restored drive reformatted to fat32. Using dual firwire cable to sync, drive will sync between 2000 and 3000 songs and lock iTunes up(not responding) and get red x after ejecting. have restored drive on both mac pro and windows 8 with amorei software and same thing happens on both drive. Any suggestions? Also tried syncing 300 songs at a time did same thing when reached over 2000 songs. Just for kicks I reinstalled old 240 hard drive and synced entire library 222gb no problem,

  10. Tarkan Post author

    Sole reason for that is with PATA devices like the original HDD, the controller circuitry still draws quite some power while in sleep mode. Of course modern mSata drives have ultra low power shutdown modes, but the iPod firmware is not mSata aware to do that.

  11. rubeN

    That’s interesting how the iPod completely removes power to the mSATA drive when it’s not using it. I would think it would keep it in standby or a low power state.

  12. Tarkan Post author

    The mSata drives do not get a chance to do any tasks like that due to the aggressive nature of the iPod power saving.

    The iPod only powers up the mSata to read/write to it and then is very quick to shutdown and remove power.

    I suppose garbage collection would happen when the iPod is connected to the computer. iPod keeps the mSata powered up and in an idle state when it is not actively syncing, so I would expect the mSata drive to use that idle time to do the various housekeeping functions it needs to.

    The above only happens when the iPod displays connected, not when it is ejected and charging.

  13. rubeN

    Tarkan do you know if mSATA drives do background tasks like garbage collecting inside the iPod or do they only do that when inside a computer running an O/S?

  14. rubeN

    A different language does not matter I would think. It does seem strange and would steer away from it.

  15. WildmaN

    @ Max: It appears to be in a different language. Maybe that is why the capacity seems higher? Anyway seems shady to me besides that.

  16. Tarkan Post author

    When you do get the mSata to Sata enclosure – before doing anything distructive, try running a surface scan or drive check, shutdown machine before removing mSata, re-install in to iPod – if you are lucky iTunes may correct the error areas and resume the syncing.

  17. Al ward

    It was my bad , that caused the power loss . Had a couple of CDs to sync thought it would be ok to sync on standard cord without FireWire. Did not realize Mac pro was not pluged in and had a low battery, thus I now have red x. The tarkan iflash-Sata adapter has worked flawless until this error of mine. I’ll get an adapter and try to restore the drive. Thanks

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