iFlash-Dual – uploaded some videos…

iFlash-Dual – uploaded some videos…

Posted a couple of videos on the iFlash-Dual, one quick overview of the board and the second is an installation video using my new Kingston 512Gb and the PNY 256Gb cards.





103 thoughts on “iFlash-Dual – uploaded some videos…

  1. Mario Basister

    Hi, on the video your ipod FW version is 2.0.4. I thought this version of iPod can only support up to 128GB of storage unless Rockbox is installed. It is only giving me 128GB when I used my iFlash quad with 800GB of total storage.

  2. Tim

    @Tarkan Please release the Hybrid (2 SD + 2 to 4 Micro SD) iFlash board already brother. Some of us Rockboxed iPod users want to go beyond 1TB or have the ability to achieve 1TB at a better price. 🙂

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