iFlash-Dual – uploaded some videos…

iFlash-Dual – uploaded some videos…

Posted a couple of videos on the iFlash-Dual, one quick overview of the board and the second is an installation video using my new Kingston 512Gb and the PNY 256Gb cards.





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  1. Lauren Glenn

    If you can open up your iPod Classic to get this installed, you can buy an iPod Classic mainboard and get it installed with minimal effort. Do a search for iPod 2.0.5 on eBay (or 2.0.4 if you can’t find the 2.0.5).

    I took out a 2.0.1 and replaced it with a 2.0.5 — had minor issues with the clickwheel but that was my fault. If you boot up the iPod and some of the clickwheel buttons don’t work (center button, menu button, etc.), then you damaged the click wheel and need a new one. Yes, the buttons aren’t actually part of the click wheel assembly, but that’s what the problem is (from what I found out the hard way when I got mine and found a crack on the ribbon cable. $10 later, I ended up with a good click wheel on eBay from a US seller.

    But now I have 400GB on a 2.0.5 and it runs really well….

  2. Lauren Glenn

    iPod FW 2.0.4 is the 7th generation model. 2.0.5 is the last 7th generation made (7.5). I think they said the only upgrade was because of the sound chip used from what I remember.

    So these two units can take larger capacities since the 2.0.4 was the 160GB model (single platter). All versions prior to that can only go to 128GB when it’s the 6th generation.

  3. Mario Basister

    Hi, on the video your ipod FW version is 2.0.4. I thought this version of iPod can only support up to 128GB of storage unless Rockbox is installed. It is only giving me 128GB when I used my iFlash quad with 800GB of total storage.

  4. Tim

    @Tarkan Please release the Hybrid (2 SD + 2 to 4 Micro SD) iFlash board already brother. Some of us Rockboxed iPod users want to go beyond 1TB or have the ability to achieve 1TB at a better price. 🙂

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