iFlash-Dual – uploaded some videos…

iFlash-Dual – uploaded some videos…

Posted a couple of videos on the iFlash-Dual, one quick overview of the board and the second is an installation video using my new Kingston 512Gb and the PNY 256Gb cards.






84 thoughts on “iFlash-Dual – uploaded some videos…

  1. Odonata

    My iPod is alive again now, I formatted the cards and then restored the iPod and it helped. It was longer than I thought but it works again. Thank you very much for your help.

  2. Support Post author

    @ Odonata – You can use the builtin card reader of computer or an external card reader makes no difference. Try powering up the with the iPod with no cards installed in the iFlash.

  3. Odonata

    Yes, it is always lit up with Apple logo and I can’t restore iPod, I can’t enter menu or connect to the computer, or maybe there is another way to restore it? And if I’ll have to format the cards is it important to use the external card reader or maybe I can do it in built-in card reader of my notebook?

  4. Support Post author

    @ Odonata – so you are getting the lit up Apple logo? so you must have restore the iPod? Any way reset the iPod and enter diskmode, you can then connect to the computer to restore. If that does not work, then you will have to format the cards in an external card reader.

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