iFlash-Dual – uploaded some videos…

iFlash-Dual – uploaded some videos…

Posted a couple of videos on the iFlash-Dual, one quick overview of the board and the second is an installation video using my new Kingston 512Gb and the PNY 256Gb cards.





114 thoughts on “iFlash-Dual – uploaded some videos…

  1. Alexandros

    Tried everyting and still getting X when connecting the iflash Dual SD to my ipod . Even when i try DFU restore , itunes start to restore and then nothing , no error message or something else . can someone help me ?

    1. Ryan Rood

      Have tried a new ribbon cable or made sure the current one is seated all the way? What two sd cards are you using? Are they in the list of testes sd cards that are proven to work?

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