iFlash-Dual – uploaded some videos…

iFlash-Dual – uploaded some videos…

Posted a couple of videos on the iFlash-Dual, one quick overview of the board and the second is an installation video using my new Kingston 512Gb and the PNY 256Gb cards.





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  1. Jahmar

    @Mark on the contrary my friend, I will continue to be pumped as I am OCD and very meticulous when I do things. I appreciate your concern. I was surprised that there are many spare parts around so it will give me some sort of security. I seethe hardest part is removing the back cover. My device is in very good condition and I don’t want to scratch it all up.

  2. Mark

    My setup is a MC293LL logic board, iFlash Dual holding 2 Kingston 512G SDXCs and a 3000mAh battery which required the larger back cover. As I do not have experience with other setups, nor an electronics background, I cannot comment on other setups. My advice to you is to stop being so pumped. It is extremely easy to damage the iPod if you are in a rush to do it. Apple did not make the iPods to be easily modified.

  3. Jahmar

    @Mark thanks for the reply! I’m so pumped to get this done. I have been slowly but surely importing my music to ALAC. These iFlash units put life back into these iPods!

  4. Mark

    I have the iFlash Dual holding 2 Kingston 512G SDXCs. Works great in my 7G iPod with a 3000mAh battery. (I need the bigger case for the battery.)

  5. Ryan

    @maingey correct. The only ones you can upgrade are 5th gens and the 7th gen 160gb. You could still upgrade the 120 but you would have to use Rockbox or another third party program.

  6. Ryan

    By 3 lines I’m assuming you mean dead pixels. You can buy a lcd on eBay for like $10. As for the 120gb iTunes will only let you go up to 128gb. You would have to use Rockbox to bypass.

  7. maingey

    I have a model MB565LL. Battery seems ok but it tends to skip tracks or look like it’s going to play a song and then freeze for a little while then move onto next song. Also the screen has three lines in it. I don’t see any info for a 120GB ipod so I would like to know if I can use the dual SD adapter with this. I’m assuming I will have to buy a new rear panel for the ipod and also a new battery while I’m working on it. Not sure about replacing screen. I have 2 256 PNY ELITE U3 ready to go.

  8. Ryan

    I have two PNY 256gb cards installed on the dual iflash. I have 40k song installed no problem. I have a 33,000 song playlist and it keeps freezing and rebooting. What is the limit for playlist? I checked the cards with h2testw and they are both fine. Are too many songs causing the freeze? Would rockbox fix this?

  9. Support Post author

    @Mark – thanks for the feedback – you really do not need to use the firewire/USB cable with any of the SD based iFlash adapters!! Was your playlist made up lossless tracks? your running time seems a little low for 1800mAh (I don’t have this battery so I am guesstimating going by battery capacity!).

  10. Mark

    A success post! I installed two Kingston 512 SDXCs on the Dual Adapter giving me 945GB. I am using an MC297LL Classic and purchased a larger back case from China. I used the Apple dual USB/Firewire sync chord for the syncing of 12250 tracks. I also installed a 1800mAh battery which lasted on random play for 23 hours and 18 minutes, which I thought was pretty good as I was listening on studio headphones and not earbuds.

    Thanks Tarken!


  11. rubeN

    Firewire iPods –

    Tarkan, so I have several 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation iPods that have the FIreWire connection. Of course would love to have them running flash media instead of the small capacity hard drives inside them now. I actually have converted a 3rd Gen to Flash using your CF-to-SD adapter. I noticed though that the iPod cannot connect through FireWire anymore, only USB. This is no problem on the 3rd gen because I can use USB, however the 1st and 2nd Gens are only FW.

    Is Firewire simply not compatible with flash storage media?

  12. Support Post author

    @Marshall – I would stick to the iFlash-Dual, you can use 1Tb on the 5g/5.5g of course iTunes database limit applies.

  13. Support Post author

    @Marshall – Generally I advice people to go with the SDXC option, as battery runtimes are better. Syncing is slightly slower compared to mSata. You can use MicroSD cards with the adapter, but be careful where you purchase them, as many MicroSD cards tend to be fake and not the stated capacity.

  14. Marshall

    So I have been re-reading this a couple times to see if I wrap my head around the compatibility here..

    Taken from your page on the Iflash dual: ( I have both of these)
    iPod 5.5g Video 30Gb, 80Gb …(So am I led to believe this will be okay with up to 1Tb??)
    iPod 6g Classic 80Gb, 120Gb, 160Gb *Limit of 128Gb with SD/CF cards (Where as this generation I can’t surpass 128Gb unless I change the OS?)

    If this is the case, would the SSD HD be advantageous in the 5.5gen ipod – or would the iflash dual just be simpler and allow for more flexibility in both units?

  15. Marshall

    The hard drive in the pod is corrupt it seems, so this is a good time to be doing this! I do have a bit of confusion if you could answer a question or two for me.

    What would be the difference really between going with a msata adapter and a samsung 850 evo 500gb SSD for 210 plus tax, or 2x 256gb class 10 uhs-1 sd cards? Is the samsung drive a faster piece of hardware which may react better with a full library of music?

    Or can I go with the cheaper option? Is there any pros or cons I am overlooking specifically between going with msata or the iflash dual? I dont want to rockbox, I like the ipod software? But I do want those FLAC tracks and such. I cant wait to buy one of your adapters, I just dont understand which is the best choice for me. Can I use a micro sd in an sd adapter inside the iflash dual? that might save a couple dollars.

    Thanks, much appreciated.

  16. Support Post author

    @Marshall – No you don’t – majority of users (like myself) just use the original OS and iTunes. You need to understand the database limits and LBA28 limitations of the 6g iPods. More info here.

  17. Marshall

    I just want to double check, I am about to purchase a used ipod for a decent deal …. Do i have to rockbox it with the iflash dual?

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