iPOD and SDHC – SDXC cards

iPOD and SDHC – SDXC cards


For some time many people have wanted to use my iFlash iPod CF adapter with the new generation of large format SD memory cards. SDHC and SDXC are the new generation of SD cards which are cheaper and have capacities of upto 256Gb and growing.

SDXC 7g and 256Gb PNY

SDXC Installation


7g 256Gb About Screen

7g and 256Gb PNY

Installation is simple, the iFlash is first installed – then install the SD card in to your SD-CF Adapter – finally insert the whole thing in to the iFlash, ready to restore the iPod.

SDHC and SDXC which cards to get

So far all the SDHC and SDXC cards I tested worked ok, so it is looking likely that majority of the SD cards out there will work ok.

In terms of card speed, one user has reported issues playing FLACS with a Class 4 card. I would suggest you want a minimum of a Class 6 card with Class 10 the prefered option.

So far… working and tested in 5g / 6g / 7g iPods

iPod 5g with 256Gb PNY

iPod 5g with 256Gb PNY

The current compatibility list has been moved to the iFlash-Solo product page.


382 thoughts on “iPOD and SDHC – SDXC cards

  1. WildmaN

    @ Tarkan

    Okay I found the debug menu. See if this is what you need. Also my iPod model number is MB145LL/A Silver 6g 160gb

    Model: SD to CF Adapter 3rd Gen.
    DMA mode: UDMa 4

  2. Tarkan

    @ WildmaN – I don’t have a Rockbox iPod, but in the settings menu there should be a debug menu, in there you can view the HDD information. That should list the HDD name/model & firmware version.

  3. WildmaN

    @ Tarkan;

    I am sorry you need to explain to me where I can find the information you are asking for. The Rockbox version I am currently using is c299412-150616. The memory card capacity is 476. Why do you think I am not using the v7 SDCF adapter? I bought it from you as a bundle months ago. It is the $33 bundle in your store. (The thick type bundle) Also I need to correct myself about the battery. It is 2000mah capacity.

  4. Tarkan

    @ WildmaN – I don’t think you have a v7 SDCF adapter, can you tell me what Rockbox reports for the HDD information, name & firmware version (I think you can find it in the debug menu).

  5. WildmaN

    @ Tarkan;

    Yes as far as I know I am using your iflash bundle with sdcf adapter. I actually had just over 60gb of music left to load as it was loading at the time. And the iPod froze up, and I had to start all over. I tried again, and was able to put just over 100gb on it, and it froze again and showed weird computer language. So again I had to redo everything over. I have tried different Rockbox programs and keep hitting the same wall. Also it seems to be doing a battery drain like it did in the past. I am using the 1900 mah battery. Is that possibly not giving an accurate reading in Rockbox?

    With all that said. Does that mean I have to go back to a 7g iPod? I would be really bummed out if I had to do that. As the 6g iPod was the first one I bought new.. And I have had it since 2008. And I wanted it to be my permanent and daily used iPod with all my music on it.

  6. Tarkan

    @Wildman – are you sure you are using my iFlash-Bundle with the v7 SDCF adapter? The older v6 and before adapters are not LBA48 compatible so would have shown the full capacity on a 6g but not actually worked above 128Gb.

  7. Tarkan

    @Maingey – Apple use CE-ATA drive for the thick 160Gb model, but when you use a PATA based hard drive the Apple firmware only uses LBA28 hence the limit to 128Gb.

  8. WildmaN

    @ maingey:
    I am running Rockbox on my 6g Classic, and am almost done with getting all my music on there. In less than 4 hours I will have all my 384 gigs of music that I started loading over 13 hours ago.

    If you try running on the iTunes firmware, it will hit a wall after 65000 tracks. And you can’t shuffle more than 48000 or so tracks without the iPod glitching and freezing up. My opinion iTunes sucks with custom iPods, and Rockbox works much smoother and you have more freedom.

    @ Tarkan:
    I don’t know how much difference iTunes 10.7 or any other are. But I am running 10.7, and when I restore my iPod it shows the full capacity of the 512gb sd card. It even showed the full capacity with the 256gb sd card. And both times were with my 6g 160gb fat version. Now when I tried the Samsung 512gb SSD, it only showed 127 or so. But with the sd cards iTunes doesn’t seem to care about the 128gb limit.

  9. maingey

    @Tarkan thanks for breaking it down for me a bit. You were referenceing the 6G ipods talking about the 128. I get it. So how come there are 160 GB 6G ipods out there from Apple then, or 128GB limitation specific to the 8GB and 120GB 6G?

  10. Tarkan

    @maingey – quite simple, the 256Gb & 512Gb have been reported as working on the 5g/7g iPods – however it does not change the fact that the 6g are LBA28 limited, so on the 6g iPods they will only show up as 128Gb capacity. The ebay iPods you mention will be 7g (160gb) motherboards running firmware 2.0.4/2.0.5.

    I cannot comment on what @WildmaN is seeing, I would have expect it to show up as a 128Gb. I have a 512Gb SDXC coming to me soon, so will check myself.

  11. maingey

    @mig, I just completed a 128GB SDXC on iflash. Pretty amazing how easy it was (outside of opening the unit) on a Gen 6 80GB. I have a 120GB Gen7 that I would like to do and another Gen6 120GB that I’m not sure about because it has randomly deleted the music 2 times so I’m not sure if it’s the hdd or the mobo/controller.

    @Tarkan, Your response has lost me, (I apologize)

    “If there is no mention that means they have been reported and tested on all generations supported by the iFlash adapters. The LBA28 (128Gb) or iTunes track limits for specific iPod’s still applies, of course!”

    This means that they are reported to work but are beyond the LBA28? Are they not stable?

    How are people selling 240GB and 500 GB ipods then?

    @WildmaN are you saying that you are successfully able to get a 512GB SDXC stable in Apple Itunes and can copy over music with no issue and it is stable all the way through for extended periods of time?

  12. WildmaN

    Yes it works just fine on a 6g 160gb Classic fat version. I put a 512gb Sandisk sd class 10 card on it. And loaded Rockbox, and I am loading up my music. Took me a few tries to figure out which Rockbox would work. As one particular one made the iPod crash, and a bunch of computer language showed on the iPod. lol Hopefully I am past that little crazy glitch.

    @ Tarkan:
    When I put the sd card on, and restored it in iTunes. It showed the full amount of space the card had. (roughly 476gb) I know in the past when I tried to put a 240gb hard drive on it or the 512gb Sansung SSD it only showed 128gb. But with the sd card and your Flash Adapter it bypasses that 128gb limit. And that particular limit does not apply with an sd card.

  13. mig

    @maingey I have installed iFlash with a 128 GB Qumox SDXC in a 5.5th iPod Video. No issues at all. Plug, restore and play, actually. Just check the list provided by Tarkan on supported cards.

  14. Tarkan

    @maingey – If there is no mention that means they have been reported and tested on all generations supported by the iFlash adapters. The LBA28 (128Gb) or iTunes track limits for specific iPod’s still applies, of course!

  15. maingey

    @Tarkan, thanks for your help withthe 6G 80GB ipod. I was able to load it all the way and left it docked overnight. I then had it play for 2 hrs, hard reset it with no issues. I noticed that you had posted that users had reported working SDXC for in the iflash, but you didn’t comment on what gen ipod it was with. Can you tell us that please?

    256Gb SDXC UHS-I (U1) PNY Elite Performance
    256Gb SDXC UHS-I (U3) PNY Elite Performance
    512Gb SDXC UHS-I (U3) PNY Elite Performance

  16. Tarkan

    @Jason – You probably have a bad ribbon, also the iFlash is installed correct way? Zif connector facing out, opposite way to the original HDD.

  17. rubeN

    Could be your hard drive ribbon. Remove it from both sides and put it back. I like to remove it from the logic board and insert it to the iFlash adapter first, then to the logic board.

  18. Jason

    Hi Tarkan,

    I finally got around to installing your adapter along with a PNY 256 gb SDXC card into my 5.5G iPod.

    I keep getting the sad iPod/ link to iPod support screen, but I can boot into disk mode. Once I get into disk mode, with the “OK to disconnect screen”, I connect it to my macbook pro. I get the “Do not disconnect” screen, but after a minute, it goes back to apple logo startup screen, and then into the sad iPod screen. Seems that I can’t get iTunes to recognize the iPod. When I had the original hard drive in there, the iPod was working perfectly. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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