Launched: iFlash-Dual – The iPod dual SD adapter

Launched: iFlash-Dual – The iPod dual SD adapter

Proud to announce my latest product in the successful iFlash adapter range.

The iFlash-Dual, is a newly designed native SD adapter for the iPod. With the unique feature of allowing the use of 1 SD card or 2 SD cards in JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks) mode.

iFlash-Dual Angle Top iFlash-Dual Zif Connector iFlash-Dual Dual SD Slots

There is no switch or adjustment, the iFlash-Dual seamlessly switches from single SD mode to Dual SD mode fully automatically. Just insert a second SD card and restore/sync the iPod to see the new enlarged capacity.

As the iFlash-Dual utilises JBOD you are free to mix your cards, it has even been engineered to allow the use of different makes and models together, to provide maximum flexibility : 256Gb + 256Gb to get a 512Gb iPod, or how about 64Gb + 256Gb to achieve 320Gb, and for those on a tight budget 64Gb + 128Gb for a 192Gb iPod, and many more combinations.

iFlash-Dual 384Gb iPod

iFlash-Dual, How about 384Gb?

384Gb iPod About Screen

384Gb iPod About Screen

384Gb iPod iTunes Screen

384Gb iPod iTunes Screen

With smart power management you get the best runtimes even when running two SD cards, on average there is only 20% difference in runtimes between Single card use and Dual card use. Read my runtime/power consumptions article.

iPod and SD card compatiblity is the same as the existing iFlash-Bundle.

Shipping is scheduled to start from 1st October 2015.

More information on the iFlash-Dual product page.

Can be ordered now at the Store.

183 thoughts on “Launched: iFlash-Dual – The iPod dual SD adapter

  1. danilo

    Hi again, so I received my kingston and of course same problems with flac files.
    So finally I installed both cards and converted all my flacs.
    I thought I would finally enjoy my music, but no ….
    I can’t transfer music on my ipod, it keeps to give me errors during the transfer: I/O error, or the ipod locks up in read only mode and freezes, I need to reboot it with select+menu, reconnect and start the copy again … I run several fsck and every time I found a mess with clusters: overlapping, free, damaged …
    I’ve tried several times the process of restoring the ipod/reinstall rockbox, stable, dev, etc …
    My IPOD is unusable.
    What can I do please ?
    Is it really because of the cards or is it the adapter ?
    I don’t understand, I see a lot of people happy with their adapter and rockbox what’s wrong with mine ?
    I’m tempted to do a test with a 32gb sandisk ultra that I have, is it any goog for this purpose ?


  2. Gryphon

    Got mine in the mail the other day. Loaded my 7.5g with a 256gb Lexar sd and 128gb sandisk microsd with adapter. Shows up in itunes fine with 357gb available after restore. I have tried loading my 278gb library onto it three times now. Every time, the process appears to complete without any problems, but then when I eject and click into my ipod, it freezes when loading the artists list, then demands to be restored.

    Any troubleshooting tips?

    1. Tarkan

      @Gryphon – When I read Sandisk MicroSD 128Gb I always think fake. You need to test your cards either through the iPod or via an card reader – run H2TestW against them to see that they are actually the stated capacities.

  3. rubeN

    I’m still amazed how you were able to combine 2 cards into 1. I’m curious though, does the iPod write to SD1 until it gets full and them jumps to SD2? Or does write to both cards even though 1 of them is not full?

  4. John Bujalski

    I just installed one of these with a 256 GB SD card – it works flawlessly, battery life seems nearly double, I am so satisfied! Amazing product, works flawlessly – if you are reading this and on the fence about this, then my advice is buy the thing!

  5. Pete

    Kingston+Rockbox no good on my ipod classic – seems to work on my 5th gen.
    Quomox cards as I understand it are cheap because their quality-control is not the greatest. But if you have one that works to start with, I reckon it will be OK At least with an ipod, unlike if using it in a camera, say,, you aren’t writing to it over-and-over again.

    1. danilo

      Ok as soon as I get the kingston I’ll test it with my 5g and let you know.
      For the qumox I don’t know what to do, maybe I’ll send it back.
      I’m also experiencing problems when I connect the ipod to my pc, most of the times it mounts as read only file system….sometimes it mounts rw and suddenly the file transfer fails because it turned into read only ! Never seen something like this, I don’t know if this problem came from the card or the adapter.
      I run debian on all my PCs. I’m going to try with windows tomorrow
      Never had such a problem before with my 240gb hd. Any ideas ?

      If I’m going to send back the kingston and the qumox, which card should I take? PNY is the only reliable brand ? Can’t find them in Europe at an affordable price … The way to go seems to order from and pay import fees (still cheaper than buy it from for instance …) Any other suggestions ?

  6. danilo

    Hi Tarkan,I’ve received your dual iFlash adapter. Thank you for the fast shipping and this fantastic product. For the moment I’ve installed a 128gb Qumox SD, and I can’t practically listen to large FLAC songs (8-10 minutes and over*). They skip all the time to the next song. In your list this is not mentioned so I assume you weren’t aware of this behavior. So maybe this is good to know for other people.
    Do you have any suggestion to resolve the issue ?
    I’m also waiting for a 256gb Kingstone um1, I hope it will work correctly. I’m going to test it separately first. But then when I’ll use them together I suppose the problem will still occur if a large flac is stored on the qumox. Do I have any control over this ? I know the 2 cards will be consider as a single big storage, but maybe is there some trick ? For example if I put the Kingstone in the SLOT 1 and I first copy all the large flac I have, will they be stored in the kingstone ? Or is the space randomly allocated by the controller ?
    Thank you for the good work

    *While I was writing this comment I was listening to a regular flac album (not long classical songs) and even some 4/5 minutes song skipped …. 🙁
    PS: I’m using rockbox, and of course these are song I was used to listen with my old hard drive without problems

    1. Tarkan

      @danilo – The Kingston is known to have problems with Rockbox, I think it generally works ok with Rockbox on the iPod Video’s but not on the Classics.

      With the Qumox, again it could be an issue with Rockbox not working well with it, -or- The qumox card you got is not performing to spec, I have had a couple of the qumox cards which had much lower transfer speeds then spec’d which were returned.

    2. danilo

      @Tarkan thank you for the fast answer. Ok so I did a double bad choice …
      Mine is an Ipod video, I hope it will work well with the kingston
      Anyway I can’t test the qumox with Itunes, does it read flac ? Honestly I never used it 🙂
      What about my last question, does the controller fill the 2 cards randomly or will it completely fill the first then the second ? Thanks

  7. Won22

    Hey tarkan, it says here that the iflash dual has the same compatibility as the iflash bundle. Since the iflash bundle says it supports uhs-2 cards, does the iflash dual as well? It doesn’t say uhs-2 on the iflash dual page. I’m thinking about getting the lexar professional uhs-2 but wanted to check first. Thanks!

    1. Tarkan

      @Won22 – The iFlash-Bundle uses UHS-2 card in UHS-1 compatability mode, I was performing tests on this hence why it is mentioned on the specs page.

      Them tests are not continuing anymore which why UHS-2 is not mentioned for the iFlash-Dual.

      For use in the iPod, the premium price you are paying for UHS-2 is totally wasted, it would be better to invest in a good quality UHS-1 U3 class card.

  8. Paul Robertson

    Does anyone have experience of using microSD cards in this adaptor (or the single SD adaptor). You would have to use a micoSD to SD adapter.

    I have tried to use microSD cards with such an adapter in a Sony camera of mine and it has not worked with microSD cards.

    I suppose I am asking whether electrically there is any difference between a microSD card and a SD card.
    I ask because microSD cards are trending down in price.

    1. Tarkan

      @Paul – MicroSD will work ok, as the conversion is a passive one. However, the issues with MicroSD’s is that 90% of the ones sold on Amazon,Ebay,etc are fake.

      If the price is too good to be true and the advertised capacity is 64Gb or over – then be careful.

  9. Won22

    Hey tarkan, it says here that the iflash dual has the same compatibility as the iflash bundle. Since the iflash bundle says it supports uhs-2 cards, does the iflash dual as well? It doesn’t say uhs-2 on the iflash dual page. I’m thinking about getting the lexar professional uhs-2 but wanted to check first. Thanks!

  10. Nut S.

    I am interested in this dual SD adapter.
    I own Gen 6 160GB thick one. Still curious why it is still limited at 128GB while the original capacity of this model is 160GB??? Let say if we put 256GB iTune should see 160GB???
    Please correct me anything I misunderstand.

    1. Tarkan

      @Nut S – it is a limitation decided by Apple – the 160Gb in the 6g is a CE-ATA device, were as the iFlash boards are all P-ATA devices, Apple decided the CE-ATA interface works with LBA48 addressing, and the P-ATA interface devices will only work to LBA28 addressing <- hence the 128Gb limit. Before you ask there is no CE-ATA devices other than the 160Gb HDD used by Apple - the CE-ATA standard has been abandoned and no new devices or controllers are being made for it anymore.

  11. John Szpara

    Does this still require a 7th gen iPod for the firmware to address the larger capacity (still using ipod software as opposed to rockbox), or has that problem been solved somehow now?

  12. Roman

    Hi Tarkan (or someone else who can answer my question),
    i currently have an old iPod video (30GB) and i want to revive it. What is the maximum size i can put into it? Without installing Rockbox.

    Sometimes i read it is 128GB, sometimes it is 240GB, and sometimes it depends on the songs you have.
    So no clue what really is true.

    Many thanks.

    1. Tarkan

      @Roman – While the iPod Videos do not have storage capacity limits the 30Gb model does have smaller RAM so it has limitations with the iTunes library database, model specific limits and information can be found on my compatibility chart.

  13. Pete


    The second foam pad – while the instructions say to use it if using a thick-back ipod, does that still apply if also using the 2000mah battery? Or is it only if you are using a thick-back ipod but the standard battery?

    1. Tarkan

      @Pete – Instructions for the foam pads only apply when using the standard batteries and back.

      For the 2000mAh do not use the foam pads, the battery will hold down the iFlash-Dual in place of the foam pads.

  14. danilo

    Hi will this adapter work with rockbox? Is not clear from the previous comments. What is OF mode? If it works, i assume rockbox sees only one drive which is the sum of the 2 SDs. What if I remove one sd? I expect anything wrong, I should just navigate through the remaining folders, is that correct? Last question can I use a mini sd with an adapter in the adapter? (Lol) it would be nice to swap my music from the ipod to the sansa clip without buying additional SD cards. Thank you!

    1. Tarkan

      @Danilo – It should work with Rockbox, but it is not something that has been seriously tested. If you change any configuration in terms of cards, the drive needs to be reformatted, so what you want to do will not be possible.

      MicroSD will work of course with a MicroSD/SD adapter, as the MicroSD and full size SD are the same cards just different packaging.

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