Launched: iFlash-Dual – The iPod dual SD adapter

Launched: iFlash-Dual – The iPod dual SD adapter

Proud to announce my latest product in the successful iFlash adapter range.

The iFlash-Dual, is a newly designed native SD adapter for the iPod. With the unique feature of allowing the use of 1 SD card or 2 SD cards in JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks) mode.

iFlash-Dual Angle Top iFlash-Dual Zif Connector iFlash-Dual Dual SD Slots

There is no switch or adjustment, the iFlash-Dual seamlessly switches from single SD mode to Dual SD mode fully automatically. Just insert a second SD card and restore/sync the iPod to see the new enlarged capacity.

As the iFlash-Dual utilises JBOD you are free to mix your cards, it has even been engineered to allow the use of different makes and models together, to provide maximum flexibility : 256Gb + 256Gb to get a 512Gb iPod, or how about 64Gb + 256Gb to achieve 320Gb, and for those on a tight budget 64Gb + 128Gb for a 192Gb iPod, and many more combinations.

iFlash-Dual 384Gb iPod

iFlash-Dual, How about 384Gb?

384Gb iPod About Screen

384Gb iPod About Screen

384Gb iPod iTunes Screen

384Gb iPod iTunes Screen

With smart power management you get the best runtimes even when running two SD cards, on average there is only 20% difference in runtimes between Single card use and Dual card use. Read my runtime/power consumptions article.

iPod and SD card compatiblity is the same as the existing iFlash-Bundle.

Shipping is scheduled to start from 1st October 2015.

More information on the iFlash-Dual product page.

Can be ordered now at the Store.

183 thoughts on “Launched: iFlash-Dual – The iPod dual SD adapter

  1. bleachershane

    As stated are limited unless they are Rockboxed:

    The 6th Gen models (80Gb/120Gb/Thick 160Gb) are limited to LBA28 addressing by Apple, so these models will only show and use up to 128Gb of the storage installed – The other iPod models have LBA48 addressing so do not have this limitation.

    This LBA28 Limitation can be removed by replacing the iPod operating system to Rockbox (we have an install guide here). While we can provide some help with this, we are not Rockbox experts – so it is not something we officially support.

  2. David Benefiel

    a iFlash quad was installed on a iPod Classic 120 6th gen with 4 256Gb micro SD cards. Only 127 GB is shown. Please advise.

  3. john henderson

    Can anyone help,i have a 5.5g 30Gb video ipod,i want to fit some form of ss memory,from the compatibility list on the home page it is listed as 30Gb,i don’t know if this is a model refference or the ipods storage limit,i want to fit and forget,no other software,just iTunes,an as is from factory but either 30Gb or higher solid state memory refit.


    1. Support

      @John Henderson – They do not have storage limits just low iTunes track limits, so we generally suggest 128GB to 256GB for the 30GB models.

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