Launched: iFlash-Dual – The iPod dual SD adapter

Launched: iFlash-Dual – The iPod dual SD adapter

Proud to announce my latest product in the successful iFlash adapter range.

The iFlash-Dual, is a newly designed native SD adapter for the iPod. With the unique feature of allowing the use of 1 SD card or 2 SD cards in JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks) mode.

iFlash-Dual Angle Top iFlash-Dual Zif Connector iFlash-Dual Dual SD Slots

There is no switch or adjustment, the iFlash-Dual seamlessly switches from single SD mode to Dual SD mode fully automatically. Just insert a second SD card and restore/sync the iPod to see the new enlarged capacity.

As the iFlash-Dual utilises JBOD you are free to mix your cards, it has even been engineered to allow the use of different makes and models together, to provide maximum flexibility : 256Gb + 256Gb to get a 512Gb iPod, or how about 64Gb + 256Gb to achieve 320Gb, and for those on a tight budget 64Gb + 128Gb for a 192Gb iPod, and many more combinations.

iFlash-Dual 384Gb iPod

iFlash-Dual, How about 384Gb?

384Gb iPod About Screen

384Gb iPod About Screen

384Gb iPod iTunes Screen

384Gb iPod iTunes Screen

With smart power management you get the best runtimes even when running two SD cards, on average there is only 20% difference in runtimes between Single card use and Dual card use. Read my runtime/power consumptions article.

iPod and SD card compatiblity is the same as the existing iFlash-Bundle.

Shipping is scheduled to start from 1st October 2015.

More information on the iFlash-Dual product page.

Can be ordered now at the Store.

183 thoughts on “Launched: iFlash-Dual – The iPod dual SD adapter

  1. Roger

    I am not sure what you mean between the two USB handlers. How would I know which one I used? Since bmy last reply I have deleted all the FLAC files and recopied them using robocopy and I think it is worse. Most tracks will play 15 seconds or so and skip to the next track. Guess I will boot into iTunes mode and try some MP3’s on it. Interesting thing I just tried. If I use the IPOD as a usb drive and play one of the tracks that was skipping from Groove music on my tablet, at the point is was skipping in Rockboc, there is a loud random noise. That noise is not on the source. If I copy the one track from the NAS to the Ipod it then plays fine. So somehow the files are getting corrupted during the copy.

  2. Support

    @Mick – Reset the iPod and enter the diagnostics (straight after reset, Menu + Left) Drill down to A2D and view the battery A2D – and see if the that value is actually goes up when the USB lead is plugged in, and then what happens to it when the USB lead is disconnected – it could be you have got a bad battery.

  3. rubeN

    Make sure the battery cable is properly seating inside the connector. Also, I would try another battery see what happens.

  4. Mick

    @Mick – you seem to have quite a sick iPod. Can you just explain, so after restoring the iPod and using it for a while, it randomly restarts and then the battery level goes drops? then the iPod requires restoring? <- is that right?

    Yes this is correct and now I can't get it to power on stuck again at the charging please wait the iPod worked fine before swapping out the hard drive (only issue was the drive starting to fail) no prior issues with battery but even after replacing it still seems to have issues

  5. Support

    @Mick – you seem to have quite a sick iPod. Can you just explain, so after restoring the iPod and using it for a while, it randomly restarts and then the battery level goes drops? then the iPod requires restoring? <- is that right?

  6. Support

    @Roger – Did you transfer your music using the Apple OS? The Rockbox USB Handler has a bad habit of corrupting the filesystem during transfers.

  7. Roger

    Just installed my adapter last night in my iPod video 30G device. Using 2 Patriot LX Series 128 GB cards. Am running RockBox and have loaded about 60G of FLAC files. I’ve noticed that a lot of the tracks skip ahead at random intervals during playback. Is that a know issue with Rockbox of a sign of memory card problems? Anyone had a similar experience?

  8. Mick

    Still seem to be having issues new battery but seem to have random restarts / freezes and then it goes from full battery to the please wait charging, then when i get it to come on it needs to be restored again

    any ideas is the board the problem or something else

  9. Mick

    bought a new battery for the ipod classic and restored, music synced onto SD card so all working now

    Many thanks for this ipod is so much quicker and also a lot lighter now minus the old hard drive

  10. Support

    @Mick – I cannot recommend anyone, but the ones I have bought on ebay have been ok, you do get the odd bad dead on arrival. Make sure you get the slim 580mAh battery which are normally titled as iPod 30gb battery.

  11. Mick

    I bought and installed the iPod dual SD adapter with the Qumox 128gb SD card

    All seemed to be going well copied over music etc but after leaving the ipod for a while the battery drained so i plugged in and left it charging (keep getting the please wait charging error now )

    took it off charge and the level has dropped to showing red now (never had any problems with the battery)

    Anyone else have any battery issues a if they know anyone selling the correct battery for the 7th Gen Thin 160gb Classic

  12. Matt

    I’m using two 256 GB PNY Elite Performance U3 cards in your dual setup… It is only using half of one of the cards. Please help.

    I’ve gone through the steps of formatting them in FAT32 using Aomei.

  13. John Collingwood

    Yes it does work Ok under Apple OS / iTunes. In fact that’s how I deal with the problem…..I switch off the normal Rockbox way & immediately the screen blanks I flick ‘Hold’ to ‘On’ which after about 15 secs. sends the iPod into Apple firmware & I then shut down with no problem. BTW does this completely shut the iPod Down ?. ….or is the Rockbox part of it only in sleep mode (hope that makes sense !) ‘cos if that’s the case the battery will still be very slowly draining – Yes ? No ?

    @ Pete Thanks for your input. Don’t think it’s a hardware problem as I placed the same Dual Adapter in 6.5 Gen 120Gb. (in addition to my 5.5Gen 80gb Video) Same result – iPod come back to life within 2 seconds of shutting down. I’m pretty sure it’s a Rockbox thing. I’ve posted the problem with tem but unfortunately not had much response.

  14. Pete

    Could it be a hardware issue? Perhaps something is sending a signal that is waking it up? Just speculating, but maybe the clickwheel or the hold/audio jack?

    I’ve had ipods that did odd things, e.g. one that wouldn’t register if it had been connected or disconnected to USB till you reset it, and one that worked but refused to be put into recovery mode, one that kept stopping while playing (due to the audio jack disconnecting itself for an infinitesimal moment). Seems like there are subtle ways the hardware can malfunction. And I guess it might not show up with the original firmware as that doesn’t shut down fully anyway.

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