3rd party extended Battery guide

3rd party extended Battery guide

We have put this guide together to help people who opt to use 3rd party high capacity batteries that can be found on various online marketplaces.

List shows compatibility in terms of fit and what depth case back is required (thick or thin) to achieve correct fitting.

Please note: This article is NOT a recommendation for these batteries, there seems to be a very high level of variation in the quality, capacity ratings (actual & advertised) and more importantly we have seen different size batteries supplied for the same advertised product!!

So you have been warned – this article is for information only and the said information is provided with no warranty or promise of accuracy. Your results may not reflect our findings!

There are couple of more batteries I have seen, and once I have managed to obtain some samples this guide will be updated!

Fitting Guide (see numbered notes below)

Battery sold as: iFlash-Quad iFlash-Dual iFlash-Solo iFlash-Sata iFlash-CF
1800mAh (5) Thick back Thick back Thick back Thick back Thick back
 2000mAh Thin back Thick back Thick back (2) Thick back Thick back
 1900mAh Thin back (1) Thick back Thick back (2) Thick back Thick back
 3000mAh (3) Thick back Thick back Thick back Thick back Thick back

Battery Specifications (for samples we obtained)

Battery Image Size (mm) + volume Observations / Notes
OEM Battery 550mAh (Thin) OEM Battery 550mAh 20 x 45 x 6 (5.4cm³)
Weight: 12g
Original battery used in thin iPods (e.g. 30Gb/120Gb/160Gb), marked as 2.04W/hr = ~550mAh
1800mAh Battery 1800mAh 46 x 53 x 5.3 (12.9cm³)
Weight: 32g
Marked as 6.8Whr 3.8v on cell (which is 1790mAh), but actual capacity is probably nearer 1600mAh (4)
2000mAh Battery 2000mAh 46 x 90 x 4  (16.5cm³)
Weight: 37g
Capacity based on volume estimated at 1700mAh (4)
1900mAh Battery 1900mAh 54 x 80 x 3.8 (16.4cm³)
Weight: 35g
Capacity based on volume estimated at 1700mAh (4)
3000mAh Battery 3000mAh 57 x 83 x 3.6 (17.0cm³)
Weight: 39g
Capacity based on volume estimated at 1800mAh (4)


Remove frame protusion for 1900mAh battery

Remove frame protusion for 1900mAh battery

(1) When fitting with a thin caseback the protusion on the iPod’s inner frame needs to be removed (as pictured).

(2) We have had some samples of these batteries which actually fitted (read: tight squeeze) in a thin (5g) caseback & the iFlash-Solo.

(3) This battery is larger than the iPod’s inner frame, it will ALWAYS require a thick caseback. This battery can be awkward to fit as it interferes with the headphone jack assembly, you may need to lift the headphone ribbon away from the rear case to allow the battery to slide under the headphone jack assembly.

(4) This is based on current energy density of li-ion based battery cells, it is a very approximate (gu)estimate as the volume measurement is based on external size of the battery pack and not the actual cell size. Other factors which may effect the accuracy is the method and quality of the cell construction and wrapping. However, it is a great method to see relative capacity claims when comparing by volume of the battery cell, of course the chemistry of the batteries need to be the same.

(5) We have seen this battery sold as 1800mAh and as 1600mAh, all examples we have seen have been a similiar size. At 5.3mm thick this battery will always require a thick caseback, and will not fit with the original HDD.

**article republished 24/02/17 – to add 1800mAh battery, and oem battery
**article original publish date was 15/06/2016

88 thoughts on “3rd party extended Battery guide

  1. P


    Can anyone tell me where to get the correct 2000mah Version for my thin iPod Classic?

    kind regards


  2. Pedro

    @ Support

    Thanks for the opinion, I’ll go ahead and buy the thick back/earphone flex!

    All the best,


  3. Support

    @Pedro – I would not risk it, we only had one battery which barely fitted using the 5g thin case back, only the iFlash-Quad will fit comfortably using the thin back. The difference between the earphone jack is the outer trim, so it follows the shape of the caseback correctly.

  4. Pedro

    Hi Tarken,

    I’ve got an iFlash-Solo installed on my thin back iPod classic, and am thinking of getting an extended battery. I read the guide and you mentioned you had some samples that were tight, but managed to fit in a thin back. I don’t mind getting a thick back, but I do prefer the look of the thin one. I read from the ebay link that @gsu previously posted (where I’m buying mine from) that apparently I might need a “thick earphone jack flex” before proceeding..In my case, that would not be required as I wouldn’t be using the thick back, therefore not needing the extra length in the flex correct?

    In your opinion, is the 2000mAh gonna fit in my thin back iPod?

    Thanks in advance, and thanks for making great products/guides!

    All the best,


  5. John Pover


    When in need of a “thick” back panel for a 5th gen iPod Video just where can you buy them ? I have tried to buy then from China/Alibaba but then only ended up with the same back panels (11 mm high) as the original. I have purchased your iFlash adapter for use with a 2000mAh battery and a 500Gb mSATA card.

    Any clues would be welcome.


  6. Dane

    Hi. There is a new 2600 mAh battery out, how does it perform to the rest above? Can you update specs on it etc. Many thanks!

  7. Alex Holland

    I’m really tempted to fit a 2,000 MaH battery while my iPod 7G is open (I just fitted the quad and two 128GB Micro SDs).

    However, the five-year-old stock battery is only half-empty at 12 hours.. if it gets to 24 hours, then even though this is ‘low’ and 100 hours sounds appealing, I have to ask when I would ever need to play music for more than 24 hours solid, without charging?

    Tempted to ‘play it safe’ and stick with the stock battery, even though I always like to max out! Surely there’s a risk factor with any randomly-provided Chinese battery to factor in?

  8. Jose

    I have an iPod Classic 7th gen and I am doing my research for an upgrade. I will probably buy an iFlash-Quad and 2x SanDisk Ultra 200gb. I think is the best balance for longtime and speed. I also don’t like SSD’s vulnerability for storing data when are without power for a long time.
    Anyway, I’m now investigating the best battery upgrade but it seems that the 2000mah is not available to ship to Europe. At least the one from eBay.com shipped from china. Maybe is the new IATA rules for handling lithium batteries on Planes in Europe?


  9. Support

    @Tony – There is no room for the foam pads in that configuration – everything will be held tight just by the fact that it is a tight fit!! The iFlash-Quad and the MicroSD’s do not product much heat – so there is nothing to be concerned about in that respect.

  10. Tony

    I have a simple question: When installing an iFlash Quad along with one of these extended batteries into a thin back case, is it necessary or recommended to use the foam or any other sort of padding or insulation? Or is it just fine to have the battery lay right on top of the iFlash?

    It doesn’t seem like there’s room for any padding, but I’m just a little concerned about having the battery laying right on top of the controller and the microSD cards/slots due to heat when the iPod is being used heavily (or when syncing for the first time). Is this a needless concern?

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  11. Max

    Hello Tarkan
    I asked this in 21 of June : could you provide a smal power supply circuit which can provide enough current to an Ipod without battery, even for powering up the Ipod?
    It could be very useful for domotic audiophile / home use
    Thank you

  12. Support

    @Les Garten – No we do not sell batteries due to heavy regulations surrounding the shipping and posting of batteries – while Chinese sellers are happy to totally disregard and ignore these rules we cannot and would not.

    If you are keeping the thick case back then any of the batteries shown in this article will be ok – I think majority of users tend to go for the 2000mAh as that has been around the longest.

  13. Les Garten

    I read elsewhere that you guys sold batteries but it doesn’t seem so.

    I have a Gen 5 with thick back that I would like to put an iFlash Dual in.

    Any recommendations for the biggest and best to put in there?

  14. Garrett

    Thanks! I got it installed, but am still rather scared and skepitcal because of the orientation of the battery as to how the flex ribbon fits into the logic board, the ribbon is having to nearly bend in half if that makes sense. I have attached a picture which I took previously before I got it fitted. http://i910.photobucket.com/albums/ac302/garrettgoerl17/IMG_1833_zps5uuhydjp.jpg
    I’m just worried of putting a kink in the ribbon cable for the battery and breaking the connection. So I’ve left the top of the case off for now. Also, why does my ipod say the battery is full when charging and when I disconnect it says it’s only half?

  15. Support

    @Garrett – The 3000mAh can be awkward to fit, you need to play around with it to fit correctly, try removing the pad underneath the jack socket.

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