3rd party extended Battery guide

3rd party extended Battery guide

We have put this guide together to help people who opt to use 3rd party high capacity batteries that can be found on various online marketplaces.

List shows compatibility in terms of fit and what depth case back is required (thick or thin) to achieve correct fitting.

Please note: This article is NOT a recommendation for these batteries, there seems to be a very high level of variation in the quality, capacity ratings (actual & advertised) and more importantly we have seen different size batteries supplied for the same advertised product!!

So you have been warned – this article is for information only and the said information is provided with no warranty or promise of accuracy. Your results may not reflect our findings!

There are couple of more batteries I have seen, and once I have managed to obtain some samples this guide will be updated!

Fitting Guide (see numbered notes below)

Battery sold as: iFlash-Quad iFlash-Dual iFlash-Solo iFlash-Sata iFlash-CF
1800mAh (5) Thick back Thick back Thick back Thick back Thick back
 2000mAh Thin back Thick back Thick back (2) Thick back Thick back
 1900mAh Thin back (1) Thick back Thick back (2) Thick back Thick back
 3000mAh (3) Thick back Thick back Thick back Thick back Thick back

Battery Specifications (for samples we obtained)

Battery Image Size (mm) + volume Observations / Notes
OEM Battery 550mAh (Thin) OEM Battery 550mAh 20 x 45 x 6 (5.4cm³)
Weight: 12g
Original battery used in thin iPods (e.g. 30Gb/120Gb/160Gb), marked as 2.04W/hr = ~550mAh
1800mAh Battery 1800mAh 46 x 53 x 5.3 (12.9cm³)
Weight: 32g
Marked as 6.8Whr 3.8v on cell (which is 1790mAh), but actual capacity is probably nearer 1600mAh (4)
2000mAh Battery 2000mAh 46 x 90 x 4  (16.5cm³)
Weight: 37g
Capacity based on volume estimated at 1700mAh (4)
1900mAh Battery 1900mAh 54 x 80 x 3.8 (16.4cm³)
Weight: 35g
Capacity based on volume estimated at 1700mAh (4)
3000mAh Battery 3000mAh 57 x 83 x 3.6 (17.0cm³)
Weight: 39g
Capacity based on volume estimated at 1800mAh (4)


Remove frame protusion for 1900mAh battery

Remove frame protusion for 1900mAh battery

(1) When fitting with a thin caseback the protusion on the iPod’s inner frame needs to be removed (as pictured).

(2) We have had some samples of these batteries which actually fitted (read: tight squeeze) in a thin (5g) caseback & the iFlash-Solo.

(3) This battery is larger than the iPod’s inner frame, it will ALWAYS require a thick caseback. This battery can be awkward to fit as it interferes with the headphone jack assembly, you may need to lift the headphone ribbon away from the rear case to allow the battery to slide under the headphone jack assembly.

(4) This is based on current energy density of li-ion based battery cells, it is a very approximate (gu)estimate as the volume measurement is based on external size of the battery pack and not the actual cell size. Other factors which may effect the accuracy is the method and quality of the cell construction and wrapping. However, it is a great method to see relative capacity claims when comparing by volume of the battery cell, of course the chemistry of the batteries need to be the same.

(5) We have seen this battery sold as 1800mAh and as 1600mAh, all examples we have seen have been a similiar size. At 5.3mm thick this battery will always require a thick caseback, and will not fit with the original HDD.

**article republished 24/02/17 – to add 1800mAh battery, and oem battery
**article original publish date was 15/06/2016

118 thoughts on “3rd party extended Battery guide

  1. Valeriu

    Hi all !! I have a question for the experts !! Will a 3000mAh (57 x 83 x 3.6 (17.0cm³)) battery fit
    in ipod 5.5th Gen 80Gb (MA450) ??? The actual dimensions of the ipod are (Only Back metal cover 103 x 62 x 11 mm) . Everywhere information from sellers says that such batteries are suitable for ipod video (slim version) !! I plan to replace the internal hard drive with an iFlash quad board.

  2. Link

    Finally got round to upgrading the battery to a 3000mah for my 7th Gen using a thin back, i used a iflash quad. It fit without much issue.
    This is who I went with and I am based in the UK, the battery charges fine and does seem to have a health.

    it is a tight fit in terms of because I am using a thin back but it did seem to work, the only “Issue” is the top where the aux and the hold button sit leaves a gap where the old battery used to be so you may want to bare that in mind in case you want to pad it with anything. I think the tight fit will keep the battery from moving but I decided to be cautious and stick the sticky foam blocks I got from a previous repair.

    Adding this information for others but also because I wanted these answers and could not find then last I was here (probably my bad searching)

    1. Link

      Oh and to add to my previous post I did not have to cut that metal tag (Frame Protrusion).

    2. Big Jim

      Thanks a lot Link for your feedback. I wanted to ask you left those two blue plastic tabs at the bottom of the iPod inside.
      For me when I have them fitted the quad doesn’t have enough space to sit properly. So I’m tempted to leave them out. Perhaps they are a part which is more important for the disc drive ?

    3. Zedhed

      @Big Jim, yes those little blue (or grey) rubber bumpers near the usb port I’m pretty sure are just to prevent the original hard drive from knocking against the metal frame of the iPod. They can be removed.

  3. Big Jim

    Hi All,

    I have a new 2200 mAh battery which I want to fit in a Classic 7th gen with an IFlash Quad.

    I notice that if I place the battery in the back case with the flat power cable connector running from top to bottom it will not reach the power connector when closed. So the only choice I have (as far as I can see) is to turn the battery round so that the cable is running from bottom to top and to bend the cable back to reach the power connector when closed. Is it ok to bend this flat connector ?

    For those that have done this can you confirm this was the solution you used ? Any other tips about the position of the battery in the back ?

    1. Chris Elwell

      @Big Jim

      That’s correct. If it’s the same unit that I’ve fitted on a few occasions the cable also runs from the top right if you mount it the right way round – which is running down the wrong side.

      What I’ve done when I’ve fitted these is what you suggest – run it from bottom up with the cable coming from the bottom left. Fiddle around with it a little and it ends up coming roughly half way up the length of the battery before turning round and running back down into the connector. I’ve done a few like that- two of my own which have been done a while and are great – and have had no issues. Just make sure you don’t crease the cable in a sharp crease, rather fold it over gently and you’ll be fine.

  4. Joan

    Hello everyone! A few day ago I recieved a 3000mAh thin battery that fits the thin back as long as you’re using an iFlash-Quad. I’ve tried to fit it today and apparently it does! Now the question is, should I put something between the battery and the Quad to prevent some kind of short circuit? It’s also okay if the battery is placed over a piece of circuit from the audio jack? With the original battery, that part is bended, but I ordered a new audio jack cable and that part is flat, so the battery is doing direct contact with it. I hope I’ve made myself understood… I guess I could bend it, anyway.

    Thanks in advance and thank you Tarkan for your amazing work!!


  5. Pandit

    I have a few IPOD classics. including a Ipod7, original 160GB, the latest. I replaced the disk with quatro iflash adapter and 2000ma battery. I was working great. Now I have the problem that I can’t charge this Ipod. The animation of charging is on the screen. I left it for days. and it refuse to charge. Anybody have an idea?

    1. pandit

      I put an USB V/A meter between the (original Apple) charger and the Ipod. The current is 0.00 Amps, I switched with my other Ipod and the current changed to 0.33 Amps, That’s normal I think. It seems that the problem is in the Ipod. The screen of the Ipod says “Charging, please wait”, I have this battery inside for 14 months

    2. Pandit

      I changed the battery with an 650mah one. And this seems to be charging. Maybe the flatcable on the battery is broken? What is the best battery I can buy for a Thin Ipod 7th gen with a Iflash quatro?

    3. Ryan

      Look at the ribbon cable to see if one of the thin leads are cracked. Try reattaching the cable again. Maybe it is off by a bit. Used to know a Pandit at CDW many moons ago. Probably not the same.

  6. Big Jim And The Jack Of Hearts

    Sorry I am new to this and am rather confused. I have a 30GB 5.5 (model MA444FD). I guess all the 30GB 5.5 have thin backs ?
    In the quick start guide I see the helpful advice page the iFlash solo is recommended.
    When I look at what battery would fit the solo I just see only thick backs recommended.
    Have I understood correctly that this mean that I have to decide between
    – iFlash solo, new thick back, any battery or
    – iFlash Quad and a 1900mAh battery

    1. jord

      i actually modding a couple ipod (5 and 5.5), both thick
      Your guess is right !
      And my guess is that with your thin ipod and a 1900mAh, you’re plenty of use with a quad sd.

    2. Peter

      Yes, those are the two options.
      I believe the reason the solo is recommended is that the 30gb model has less on-board RAM than the 60 or 80gb models. Thus it will struggle with large numbers of tracks, ergo it’s arguably a waste to use a quad-adaptor with it as you can’t make full use of all that capacity anyway. Using rockbox will partly get round this.

    3. Sjouke van Benthem

      Just wanted to share that I’ve installed a 2000 mah battery (as recommended) in my Classic 7th gen with the iFlash Quad and, with powered speakers, enjoyed almost 84 hours of play time. I will charge to 100% again and do another trial with my Sennheiser hd200 pro headphones.

  7. Sjouke Van Benthem

    Hi, Just installed a thin 2200 mah in a 7th gen classic. I have rockbox installed. Can anyone give me a indication how long the new battery needs to be charged? There is a mah setting in rockbox but it ‘only’ goes up to 1000mah, so I guess the % indicator is not accurate now.

  8. Spooked

    I have done to love this site….I fixed my dads 7th generation hard drive and he can’t stop thanking me. I did it once, now I want to do it to my 80gb 6th generation classic. The hard drive doesn’t worry me, I’ll be using a Solo, but I do know my battery could do with being replaced. I’m very new to all of this, but is there any place in the uk to order a new battery from reliably? And also, am I reading this right, in Wanting a 550 Battery as I do just want a take out replace, I do want to be doing any adjusting etc?

  9. Zedders

    Anyone know if it’s possible to get bigger capacity batteries for the 3rd and 4th gen iPods?
    There are all kinds of lithium batteries available but I haven’t found one specific to the earlier iPods which use batteries with three wires (red, white & black).

    1. Dan

      Hi pandit. I purchased the same battery as in your link but it seems too long, there is t enough room for it to fit between the hold switch and 13 pin connector at the bottom. How did you manage to squeeze into a slim rear case?

  10. LukeNukem

    Just installed an iFlash Quad, and a battery sold as 1950 into a slim 7th gen.

    Works great! Currently using 2x 256GB Samsung EVOs.

    Thing is, it was a TIGHT fit. I had to apply some decent pressure to close the case. Will this be alright? I obviously dont want to damage anything, but wanted to ask if anyone else has experienced such a tight fit with their 7th gen?

    Also my first time opening a 7th. What a pain. I’ll be ordering replacement back and front for when I want to close it permanently.

    1. Vestan

      The main problem I had forcing a 1950mah into a slim case was some damage to the headphone connector and in fact i permanently damaged a board. I found the 2000mah battery, which is longer and thinner, much easier to fit and close.

  11. Costas

    Thanks for the reply!
    You r right about it, But I did it anyway.
    -I contacted 3 sellers, asking for the exact size (to the last mm (3D)) from the bat. they were selling.
    One of them will fit.
    it won’t be 3000mah I know, but I’ll gain 200-300mah (that’s something / almost half of the original bat.).

  12. Pete

    You can’t fit a 3000mah battery in a slim case. But the labels for batteries are all arbitrary anyway – the ‘3000mah’ isn’t really 3000mah, it’s just a tiny bit greater volume than the 2000 or 1900 ones, and doubtless has just a slightly higher capacity, accordingly. If you want a ‘3000’ battery for bragging rights just stick a label saying ‘3000’ on a ‘2000’ one and use that!
    Some suppliers seem to send slightly different sized batteries than the ones listed. So you might find a supplier offering ‘3000mah’ batteries that are actually about the same size and capacity as the 2000 or 1900 ones. Those will likely fit. Safer to just buy one listed as 1900 or 2000, those are more likely to be the right size to fit a slim back.

  13. Costas

    I’ve already placed an iflash solo with 256gb (+original battery) into one of my ipods which works great for more than a year and it’s going to live in my car from now on.
    I’m building a 5th gen video 80gb now and I’ve made it so far to fit perfectly in a total black aluminium slim 7th gen case with the help of a Dremel and 7th headphones jack /take a note that the 7th gen clicker won’t work well, you need the 5th gen clicker and sandpaper 1000/2000 to take the edges as it pops out from the case 0,25mm.
    I’m planning to put an “iFlash-Quad” and a 512gb Sandisk extream pro to start with…
    BUT I need some help with the battery. It seems that some people have managed to put a 3000mha (which is what I want) in a thin back/case while you say it needs a thick one, plus you say it’s 57mm x 83mm x 3.6mm while elsewhere they say it’s 55mm x 70mm x 40mm (same battery pics and codes – same battery), so… what is right and what is wrong?
    If you can please let me know if I can use a 3000mha battery with iFlash-Quad and a thin back/case.

    1. Pandit

      Answer to Matthew

      (1) I opened the Ipod 7th gen
      (2) I Exchanged the HD with a I-flash Quatro with a 256gb microSD
      (3) I Exchanged the old 650mAh battery with the new 2000mAh battery. I removed some plastic from the battery to make the flatcable longer and connected the flastcable to the Ipod
      (4) I closed the Ipod.

      It was a very easy Job. Opening the Ipod can be difficult, but with the right tools and this instructions (https://youtu.be/4AF1Pjbwc6c)
      Good luck Pandit

  14. Hannibal

    Help!!! I am performing a ‘big’ battery upgrade on a 7th Gen. This requires a new (thick) back cover with a new hold switch/headphone jack flex cable. The tab on the flex cable 1/2 inch from the switch has an exposed conductive pad…. which is normally presses against the metal case by the original battery and lightly glued from the factory. This appears to be a ground. The new battery fits differently than the original and does NOT press the tab to the case. As such, should this tab be glued with electrically conductive adhesive? If not, why is the pad exposed?

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