Launched: iFlash-Dual – The iPod dual SD adapter

Launched: iFlash-Dual – The iPod dual SD adapter

Proud to announce my latest product in the successful iFlash adapter range.

The iFlash-Dual, is a newly designed native SD adapter for the iPod. With the unique feature of allowing the use of 1 SD card or 2 SD cards in JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks) mode.

iFlash-Dual Angle Top iFlash-Dual Zif Connector iFlash-Dual Dual SD Slots

There is no switch or adjustment, the iFlash-Dual seamlessly switches from single SD mode to Dual SD mode fully automatically. Just insert a second SD card and restore/sync the iPod to see the new enlarged capacity.

As the iFlash-Dual utilises JBOD you are free to mix your cards, it has even been engineered to allow the use of different makes and models together, to provide maximum flexibility : 256Gb + 256Gb to get a 512Gb iPod, or how about 64Gb + 256Gb to achieve 320Gb, and for those on a tight budget 64Gb + 128Gb for a 192Gb iPod, and many more combinations.

iFlash-Dual 384Gb iPod

iFlash-Dual, How about 384Gb?

384Gb iPod About Screen

384Gb iPod About Screen

384Gb iPod iTunes Screen

384Gb iPod iTunes Screen

With smart power management you get the best runtimes even when running two SD cards, on average there is only 20% difference in runtimes between Single card use and Dual card use. Read my runtime/power consumptions article.

iPod and SD card compatiblity is the same as the existing iFlash-Bundle.

Shipping is scheduled to start from 1st October 2015.

More information on the iFlash-Dual product page.

Can be ordered now at the Store.

183 thoughts on “Launched: iFlash-Dual – The iPod dual SD adapter

  1. Peter

    A technical question about the dual adaptor!

    I have one in a 5th (not 5.5) gen ipod.
    One advantage of the 5th gen is you can load up the media external to the ipod, which is quite a bit faster when syncing a full 384gb.

    With a single card adaptor, I think you can just put the card in a USB3 card-reader and load it up outside the ipod (I think I did that before, I can’t remember, though I certainly did it with the old SSD one).

    But can this be done when using the dual adaptor and two cards? If so, how would one go about it? Do I need some sort of zif to usb connector that can take the dual adaptor itself or can I load up the two cards separately?

  2. Seb

    that sounds bad. I just bought the card this week from a local (trustworthy) computer store in Vienna (e-tec), Austria. I will try to return it. I’ll report if my issues resolve with using a different card.

  3. Support

    @Seb – 33K tracks is quite low, so the issue is not your library – does sound like you are another person who has got a bad Kingston 256Gb card, several people have reported here as comments and to me directly – faulty SDA10/256GB out of the box or failing after the first sync. I have put a notice on the SD card lists noting this.

    Was your card brought recently?

  4. Seb

    Thanks for the fast reply. I had about 33000 tracks and 10 music clips (~ 3 min.). After the last reset, it did not boot up any more, just displayed an X and the url for apple support. I now installed the original HDD back and it works again. I bought the Adapter to gain more storage space. It might be a compatibility issue with the card. I might buy a PNY card but with 150€ they are about 50 € more expensive than the kingston. Is there any guarantee that the pny will work for 33000 tracks and some short clips without freezing or other problems? I would really like to use the adapter. btw.: ipod model: MC293LL

  5. Support

    @Seb – what size is your library? (track numbers/pictures/videos). I would see if you are getting these issues with say half your library sync’d.

  6. Seb

    Status update: When I connect the ipod to the pc (without itunes) and disconnect it, it seems to work again. But when I want to watch a video, the screen goes black and the ipod does not response any more. I then have to reset the device (hold HOME + Select), wait until it restarts, connect it to the pc, disconnect it and it works again.
    (ipod 7th gen 160 GB with 256 Kingston SDXC U3)

  7. Seb

    Hi, I just installed the Adapter + 1 Kingston 256GB SDXC U3 card in a 7th Gen ipod (160GB). I also formatted the Card with AOMEI. After syncing ~ 180 GB, the ipod worked. I then tried a reset (hodling HOME, SELECT). Now it is stuck at the menu screen. Whenever i try to access Music, Extras, Options, etc. it restarts Do you have any suggestions on what the problem might be?

  8. Marc

    Hey Support,
    seems that my SD card was corrupted.
    Bought a SanDisk Ultra SDXC 128GB UHS-I Class 10, and till now its working fine.

  9. Marco Mendes

    dear gentlemen , I have an ipod 7.5g 160gb I would like to extend its to 512gb , which adapter I could use? Thank you

  10. Ken DeRoo

    This card is amazing. Recently had my iPod accidentally washed. I went looking for a suitable replacement player and was surprised that there wasn’t anything available today that I liked; so I started thinking about repair. I drying the iPod out for a few days and cleaning it I found that I was lucky and only lost the hard drive. This was as easy to install as I could have hoped for. Had a couple error messages along the way recovering the OS but after a few reboots/reconnects it’s working like a charm. Thanks for developing this!


  11. Support

    @rubeN – currently the dual booting I speak of has been related to the iPod Video’s which have no storage limit – However, your query is an interesting one because there is a new emCore development which has the ability to dual boot the iPod Classics, and I am not sure how that is going to work when you have greater then 128Gb installed in a 128Gb limited iPod.

  12. rubeN

    So I’m kind of curious, the 160GB Thick, 80GB, and 120GB are crippled to 128GB max on the Apple O/S, so the alternative is to run rockbox if you want to go above this limit.

    When transferring your music files, some say it’s best to either boot into the Apple O/S or just boot in Disk Mode because the rockbox USB handler doesn’t work that good.

    Wondering though, wont the iPod only see 128GB since you’re booted in the Apple O/S, even though u have a bigger drive?

  13. Support

    @mcmnky – not heard of an issue like that before, see if it is the same when the iPod is in diskmode before connecting to the computer.

    Another thing worth doing is especially with a 6g is update the firmware/bootloader to the latest version – get the iPod in to DFU mode and follow the iTunes instructions to recover the iPod (it needs internet access to download latest firmware files).

  14. mcmnky

    Great product, but I’m having a strange issue.

    I have the dual SD adapter in a 6th gen 120 GB iPod with a single 128GB card, latest firmware and itunes (yes, I am a masochist. 😉

    When I plug in to sync, the iPod freezes. The screen shows whatever was on before plugging in (not the “connected” screen) and itunes does not show the device. Then I have to unplug and hold menu-select to reset the device. ( This happens whether the iPod is on or off when I attach the usb cable. This didn’t happen before putting in the SD adapter.

    But then it’s all good. Just the single reboot, plug the iPod in, and sync goes quickly. It’s been a few weeks since the upgrade, and this happens every time.

    Any thoughts on this issue?

    And a tip on opening the iPod: I was having trouble getting the tips of the plastic pry tools in the gap between the face and body of the case. So I tried a retractable razor blade scrapper.

    With the iPod on the table, I brought the blade in horizontally and then lifted the handle, force the tip of the blade down and separating the ace from the clips on the body. That gap between the face and body is tight, but the edge of the blade is sharp and slips in easy. At the same time, you’re working in the entire length of the blade rather than the smaller width of the pry tool. Otherwise I followed the procedures from ifixit.


  15. Roger

    @support. Was able to get my music moved to the ipod using the Ipod USB handler. Not sure why that made a difference, but so far no skips in rockbox yet.

  16. Support

    @Marc – You need to test the SD card in an card reader on your computer to confirm it is working ok. Run something like H2Testw against it, this will confirm data is being written and read from the card with no errors, also it will confirm read/write speed is as stated on the card.

  17. Marc

    Dear Support,
    I have a problem with the iPod dual SD adapter.
    I’m using a Qumox 128Gb SDXC UHS-I in the 30GB iPod 5.5G with the Model No: MA446.
    First I had som trouble with ExFat, so I formatted to FAT32.
    That worked for 3 Days. But then the iPod got freezed.
    After a reset, 90% of the music was lost. It only shows the first four playlists; 102 Songs.
    It also says that 60GB of the storage is used.
    Do you have any idea how to fix this problem?
    Thanks a lot

  18. Support

    @Roger – you need to dual boot back in to the Apple OS instead of Rockbox to use the Apple USB Handler – If I remember correctly you need to switch the iPod off, and then flick the hold switch and press Menu. You might have to check that sequence on the rockbox site.

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